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It is one of the most watched series in recent days. New original creation from Netflix, Griselda traces the story of Griselda Blanco, Colombian drug baron who gave Pablo Escobar a cold sweat. After the box of Narcosthe platform with the red N puts “in the spotlight” a historic, but controversial, figure in Colombian history. The series carried by a transformed Sofia Vergara has largely won the support of Internet users. “I love the series so much Griselda ptn. Maybe I should have been at the head of a cartel, I don’t know”, “I loved it Griselda and its portrait of a woman, a mother, who loses herself as she sinks deeper into violence and paranoia while climbing the cartel hierarchy. Sofia Vergara is awesome,” “ A powerful mini series dominated by Sofia Vergarawho demonstrates a monster talent »enthuse Netflix subscribers on the X network (formerly known as Twitter).

This sharp reproach from Griselda Blanco's son

The series dedicated to Griselda Blanco does not only make people happy. To start with the son of the “Godmother”, Michael Corleone Blancowho does not particularly appreciate the portrait of his mother as Sofia Vergara. Questioned by the Daily Mailthis one criticizes the way the actress was “ugly” using facial prosthetics, a process requiring around two hours of makeup before filming. “My mother was a beautiful woman and it’s crazy that a lot of people say 'No, you must look more like a drug addict' (…)If you read my book, you will see that my mother was nicknamed the porcelain doll in her youth. Mayors, governors, and politicians from different countries were trying to woo my mother…even here in the United States. She was the cream of the crop”. Netflix continues to attract scathing criticism.

Why some Internet users are attacking Netflix

Netflix has gone to great lengths to make Promotion Griselda. Internet users accuse the platform of having gone too far in its marketing campaign after the broadcast on its official X and TikTok accounts of a video where we see a truck equipped with a huge tube sucking up white lines on the road, in the streets of Paris. As if the not-so-subtle nod to the drug lord's activities wasn't enough, a caption points out: “Weather alert: very high risk of snow in Paris”. The publication set social media on fire as soon as it went online. A*** this kind of promo“, “I had little interest in the series Griselda but seeing as Netflix is ​​ruining Paris with its promotion, never in my life will I watch that”, “The promotion of Griselda in Paris, so clumsy and culturally inappropriate… dark marketing? “, angry Internet users said.

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Griselda BlancoColombian drug lord, waking nightmare of Pablo Escobaris the star of a mini-series produced by Netflix. The platform, after having put the spotlight on Escobar’s cartels, precisely, in Narcosrolled out the white carpet for the famous “Godmother” in Griselda. A show masterfully managed by a completely metamorphosed Sofia Vergara. But the end of the series is not really that of the (real) end of life of the head of the family(s). Explanations. Attention, spoilers

Griselda is dead, long live Griselda

In fact, the show produced by Netflix completely neglects to show the dead by Griselda Blanco at the end. The drug lord was shot dead in cold blood in 2012 while returning to Medellin, Colombia. Or Escobar’s promised land. Flashback: the matron was deported from the United States after her release from prison in 2004. Back to square one, therefore, after the prison box. Like in an old New Hollywood film, Griselda Blanco was murdered when leaving a store during a drive-by shooting. The suspects ? Two men on a motorcycle who gave him no respite. She died instantly. Netflix, for its part, in its biopic mini-series, did not wish to show this villainous and methodical assassination.

A deliberate choice by the showrunner

The creator of GriseldaEric Newman, chose to obscure the brutal end of Griselda Blanco to focus instead on the family tragedy. An aspect that runs through the entire series in six episodes produced by Netflix. Thus, the showrunner preferred to show the equally tragic end of Griselda Blanco’s three eldest sons. The three brothers were also murdered. Eric Newman, in an idea of ​​fictionalizing the life of the drug baroness, preferred to highlight thematernal love of the hardened criminal nicknamed “The Godmother of Miami”. Griselda tries to show all the complexity of its subject of study and the many facets of this historical character. Attention, others spoilers

How does it end Griselda on Netflix?

Griselda ends seven years after the antiheroin’s arrest in California. Lhe Netflix show ends with the conviction of Griselda Blanco in the United States. Then on the sudden death of his children. “Everyone is the hero of their own story…”, details Eric Newman in the podcast Casting Workbook on Youtube. “And (Griselda Blanco, Editor’s note) had his reasons, which are not necessarily justifiable. But she still had her reasons for her actions. It’s the loss (of three of his sons) which was the most painful event of his life.We therefore avoid the bloodshed and settling of scores specific to drug trafficking. It’s less subversive and more safe for the famous streaming platform.

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After Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy and notorious scammers like the Tinder scam, Netflix takes on organized crime in a sulphurous new mini-series. Original creation by the directors of Narcos, Griselda paints the portrait of an extraordinary figure from the underworld, Griselda Blanco, sometimes nicknamed “La Madrina” (godmother) and the Queen of Coca. Series worn by Colombian actress Sofia Vergarawhich we could notably see in Modern Familydepicts the rise of the former partner of a drug trafficker in the cocaine business in Miami from the 70s to the 80s. If this tragic and breathtaking story has everyone in agreement, scandalized voices are being raised. hear on social media.

Netflix causes scandal

To promote its new original creation inspired by real events, the streaming giant released a short video which strongly angered Internet users. On X (formerly known as Twitter), tempers instantly became heated : “ This promo is disgusting“, “To think that there must have been someone in the meeting room one morning who proposed this project: 'Good for the promotion of GriseldaI propose a camtar with a giant straw that sniffs the white stripes of the rue de Rivoli, who is for it?' It smokes me », It's certainly creative but not great in terms of the message sent“, Yes, really meh. But in the end the series isn't really that great either so…”. The video disappeared from social networks after this little scandal.

Griselda makes everyone agree

Despite the criticism, Netflix hit very hard with Griselda. Internet users are unanimous: the series is a huge success.The performance of Sofia Vergara In Griselda is stratospheric“, notes a tweeter. Another agrees: “ May Sofia Vergara get all the rewards she richly deserves for Griselda“. “I'm straight into the series, I'm launching the third episode, good night, company.” “She's losing her temper Griselda Damn, I'm on episode 5, I'm going to kill myself from stress.”, “Nice Netflix series on Griselda Blanco, that’s the business woman I like”, “I finished all 6 episodes in one go. JI was completely hookedt captivated”, “It was so good, quite a bit of action and like Narcos a few years ago, the story is seriously interesting”, Internet users on X are also enthusiastic.

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Griselda is the platform event Netflix at the start of 2024. A mini-series, composed of six episodes, retracing the personal life and criminal journey of Griselda Blanco. Or a drug baron, head of a Colombian cartel, who even freaked out Pablo Escobar himself. That is to say ! To play the lady of powder, the 'Godmother' of schnouff, the production opted for the American actress of Colombian origin Sofia Vergara. Exit the sitcom Modern Family, welcome the narco series. And much more than that… But how did Sofia become Griselda? Anatomy of a transformation.

Change of look, change of head

Obviously, Sofia Vergara had to go through the box makeup And prosthetics to blend into the skin of the legendary Griselda Blanco. Todd McIntosh, makeup artist for the actress on the set of Griselda said she spent an hour and a half working every day to transform her into the 'Godmother' of drugs. The funniest thing about this makeover? THE eyebrows by Sofia Vergara. According to Todd McIntosh, it is “beautiful eyebrows”. And the actress obviously knows it too. So, she asked the prosthetists in the series to hide them to make more seventies.She wears prosthetics that hide her eyebrows and then fake eyebrows on top.”, describes the makeup artist. In addition to these eyebrow prostheses, Sofia Vergara is decked out in a nasal and a dental. Little house bonus: the false teeth were manually yellowed because Griselda smokes like a firefighter.

Glamorization of Griselda Blanco through the prism of Netflix

More surprisingly, Netflix chose to glamorizeeven aestheticize, Griselda in a femme fatale archetype. It's more sales, we know the song. Fortunately for them, Sofia Vergara's interpretation goes beyond this archetype, avoids the shortcomings of the vase, breaks the image of the beautiful plant despite a buxom build. The actress gives a real fatalistic dimension to her character on screen. Certainly, it is divine, but just as dangerous. She has nothing to be ashamed of Wagner Moura as Pablo Escobar in the enemy series Narcos on the same platform. Quite the contrary: Sofia Vergara is doing like a jefe in the ambiguous role of Griselda on Netflix. It's a real bad bitch series which could well make Heisenberg tremble with fear.

A credible Griselda despite everything

Feline gait, deep voice, threatening attitude, predatory aura… It's not all about the physical, even if we're in a biopic mini-series. If the real Griselda Blanco is a historical character, Netflix's Griselda Blanco, under the leadership of Sofia Vergara, is a series character. She is highlighted, praised to the skies, portrayed as an Amazon more than as a criminal. There distant resemblance with the drug lord doesn't stop the show from working. Quite the contrary. There is necessarily romanticization in the desire to write a biographical story. The important thing is not to choose a double performer but a convincing person in the role. Even if the physical is distant. And that's exactly why Sofia Vergara, eternal Gloria in Modern familymakes a credible Griselda against all odds.

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The only man I was ever afraid of was a woman named Griselda Blanco.” This sentence, told as the beginning of an urban legend, or worthy of an epitaph on a tomb, would have been pronounced by Pablo Escobar in person. The most famous drug lord in history. Escobar, alpha male, little father of the people, gangster with unparalleled cruelty, would therefore have been afraid of a woman. But not just any : Griselda Blanco. An ambitious lady, a tigress matron, boss of a lucrative business, baroness of a powerful cartel, reckless amazon in a world ruled by men. With the six-episode miniseries GriseldaNetflix paints the portrait of Escobar's nightmare. A formidable criminal who even inspired a collective of new york rap who took back his blaze as a direct and final threat, Griselda. Here is three reasons to see the show on the Netflix platform. Follow the leader !

Sofia Vergara or the new boss of Netflix

It was necessary to weighty actress to embody the implacable Griselda Blanco. Sofia Vergara, American of Colombian origin, defector from the comedy sitcom Modern Familyappears to be the ideal candidate. Okay, the buxom actress doesn't have the unsightly physique of the real Griselda Blanco. She doesn't have a weathered face, drawn features, an aggressive look or even such a wrinkled forehead. Obviously, Netflix wanted to glamorize the anti-heroine to make her a fashion plate. It's more salesy. However, Sofia Vergara avoids falling into the femme fatale archetype. She infuses Olympian calm and a coolness that makes her portrait of Griselda more calculating and more Machiavellian than ever.. The biopic genre is always the most challenging. Is it necessary to have a perfect double of the subject studied or an interpreter with a distant physique who gives a fictional dimension to the historical character? We will opt for the second option as Sofia Vergara sticks our socks in Griselda. She irradiates the screen with her menacing presence, eating up the space around her and her playing partners with it.

Griselda vs. Narcos : war is declared

Griselda is less a series about drug trafficking than the slanted portrait of a drug lord who transcends her status as a woman in a man's world. The comparison with another flagship Netflix series, Narcos in this case, highlighting Pablo Escobar, precisely, is necessarily appropriate. However, the two entertainments do not box in the same category. On one side, the eldest, Narcos, unfolds the investigation of two narcotics agents wanting to dethrone Escobar. On the other, the newcomer, Griseldaquickly moves away from the investigations to focus on the life worthy of a Hollywood film of Griselda Blanco. The show aims to be more introspective and more spectacular than Narcos. This one is nevertheless inspired by the scenes of Escobar alone in Narcos. Those of a king without entertainment who, despite his empire and his fortune, reveals himself to be marked by solitude and even a certain melancholy. Except that here, there is no longer a question of a king, but of a queen. More Griselda than Pablo, then.

Griseldaa family tragedy sprinkled with cam

So, Griselda leans more towards a family tragedy sprinkled with drugs than a series of narcos. We immediately think of Weeds, but less of the fun side. Or, to a very lesser extent, the masterpiece of the genre The Sopranos. Tony Sopranohero of the cult showHBOand Griselda Blanco are very different from each other. But the common point that they could share is undoubtedly that of family through the prism of crime. Griselda, in the Netflix show, reigns supreme over her budding empire while keeping an eye on her personal life. She is, almost in spite of herself, like Tony Soprano, the product of her environment, a character marked by a certain fatality imposed by the system which always crushes the weakest. The prey must therefore quickly transform into a predator to impose its domination before beginning the beginning of its animal kingdom. You only have to see Griselda, strolling with the grace of a feline in a nightclub, a confident, even triumphant gait, but her face stained with blood, greeting the “other” women with a carnivorous smile disfiguring her lips . Behind the tragic figure, there is a real warrior. The head of the clan, the head of the family, Griselda Blanco.