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Summary of episode 1627 of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Wednesday February 21, 2024 on TF1. Camille is having a hard time finding a place in the wine industry. Filipina doesn't really appreciate it and the young woman struggles to assert herself. She arrives late because of the time constraints imposed by her electronic bracelet, but Philippine doesn't want to know. While she reprimands him, Victor arrives and ends the discussion. Later, Camille carries the boxes of wine and drops one because of its weight. Diego hears him and comes to his aid. He suggests she use a hand truck. Camille then understands that Philippine deliberately forgot to tell her about this very practical tool on the wine estate. When she returns home, Camille puts a bandage on herself after being injured at work. Martin is surprised that Philippine did not provide him with equipment for treatment at the estate. Camille then admits to him that the businesswoman doesn't like him very much and she feared that this injury would be a new reason to reproach him. Martin promises Camille not to tell Raphaëlle so as not to worry her but asks her to alert him if Philippine continues to undermine her morally.

Audrey makes a blunder

Encouraged by Sarah, George understands that he must confess, despite his fears, to Melody that he is going to be the father of Vanessa. After the blow of Vanessa's greeting card and the chill that it threw into their magnificent evening on Valentine's Day, the police officer is skeptical but he chooses to listen to his friend. He asks Mélody to join him for lunch, when Nordine shows up and keeps them company. This is not really the ideal time to tell him such news. They are supposed to meet for dinner but Mélody crashes it. And for good reason, Audrey made a mistake a little earlier in the day and told Mélody everything about Vanessa's imminent birth…

Gilles is better

Gilles was operated by Renaud with success. A few hours later, he woke up in pretty good shape despite the anesthesia. He admits to the police having confronted Villard and fought with him but he did not kill him. He assures that he was alive when they left each other. The police discover, thanks to Timothythat Jonot lied. They decide to arrest him but the man flees. When they inspect the trunk of his car, it is stained with blood. Would he have killed Villard himself?

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Summary of episode 1621 of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Tuesday February 13, 2024 on TF1. Jack is sure that Jordan turns a blind eye to his feelings for Violet. If the latter assures that this is not the case, he finds it more and more difficult to hide the truth of what he feels. When he goes to Violette's house, he meets Charles, her brother whom she gets to know little by little. Charles makes a mistake thinking that Jordan is Violette's boyfriend. The teenagers immediately disabuse him but Violette blushes. When Jordan leaves, Charles tries to get Violette to confess. But the young teenager prefers not to dwell on her feelings. Later, she shares lunch with Charles and Roxane. Violette admits to them that she misses Australia and her parents. She knows that what they did is very wrong but they are her parents and they educated her. She crosses Liam, to whom she briefly explains the complexity of her family structure. He asks her to have a drink at the end of the day so he can talk to her about it in more detail. She accepts but Charles warns her: playing both sides is risky. While she spends some time with Liam at the end of the day, Jordan sees them and blames the blow.

Georges soon to be a father?

George is plagued by doubts. The more time passes, the more the due date of Vanessa approach. Now the policeman realizes that he is not ready to raise this baby. He made her a promise but realizes that he will not be able to keep it. Educating this baby who risks constantly reminding him of Vanessa but above all giving him unconditional love seems impossible to him. The difficulty for him now is to decide and announce to Vanessa that he prefers this baby to go to another family. This situation is very difficult for the police officer who is at the same time trying to change his relationship with Melody. He realizes from the day before that the next day is Valentine's Day. And he didn't plan anything!

Gilles is overcome by pain

Gilles, he has not forgotten to be romantic. He went to buy two pretty bouquets: one for his niece, Chloeand the other for Cecile, his future wife. While Diego is uncomfortable because he has not managed to admit to those around him that he saw Cécile with a man in the street, the latter reminds Gilles to take his food supplements in his bag. At the same time, the robot portrait of the man who attacked him, made thanks to Gilles, allows it to be compared to the city's video surveillance images. It is quickly identified and it is Pascal Villard, a gambler banned from Casino. If the investigators are looking for a link between Cécile and this man, the future bride and groom spend their evening separately. Indeed, Gilles is taken to the Mas and then to the Spoon for a bachelor party. While the evening is in full swing, Pascal Villard observes the group of friends and leaves a message for Cécile telling her that he misses her. Later, Gilles has chest pain.

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Summary of episode 1615 of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday February 5, 2024 on TF1. Nordine continues to make the situation worse with Gabriel. After fining him for nighttime noise, Nordine finally admits to the latter that he couldn't stand the fact that he didn't help him when his car broke down. Gabriel demands that the policeman arrange to withdraw his fine of 68 euros. But at the police station, Nordine understands that this is not going to be possible. His father, Martin, makes him understand that this cannot be done. Furthermore, Nordine is in trouble and it would be better for the hierarchy not to find out about it since he will soon be subject to an annual evaluation. He therefore decides not to withdraw Gabriel's fine but to reimburse it to him. Obviously not accepting his inability to properly resolve this situation, he leaves her 68 euros in cash, including small coins, in her mailbox. And Gabriel doesn't like that.

Samuel makes a big decision

Lisa And Aaron are back. The latter hastens to ask for news from Victory. Even if the doctor seems bothered to mention the return of Samuel, it is clear that he still has a very important place in his heart. However, Victoire knows, he must concentrate on his detoxification. Lisa and Victoire meet Samuel a little later and the latter does not fail to make the gynecologist feel that he is really not welcome in their lives. In the evening, Samuel announces to Renaud and William that he has canceled his treatment in Montpellier. He prefers to be taken care of in an establishment in the Paris region. He can no longer bear to see the faces of the people he has hurt so much.

Gilles in danger

Gilles is at its worst. He is terribly worried about Cecile, removed a few days earlier. He agrees to join Alex at the Spoon for lunch after stopping by the police station to learn more about the investigation. But a few hours later, Alex has not heard from Gilles. He calls the police station and realizes that he has never been there. Alex fears the worst: would Gilles have agreed to pay the ransom to free Cécile? The police quickly found a withdrawal of 50,000 euros from Gilles. But now, Marianne's brother voluntarily left his phone at Alex's house and Chloe so as not to be located. The police went there and found instructions sent by the kidnapper. The investigators manage to reach this meeting point and find Gilles on the ground, unconscious…

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Summary of episode 1611 of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Tuesday January 30, 2024 on TF1. Maud falls under the spell of Diego. The little sister of Camille finds the young man particularly to his liking. Stroke of luck, the physical education and sports teacher, Melody, asks him to join Maud's group. But the young woman hurts him unintentionally. She touches his nose and the young man bleeds. Later, she becomes worried about his condition and her friends, seeing that she has a crush on the young teenager, make her believe that he had to go to the hospital to undergo an operation. His friends quickly reveal to him that it is a bad joke. Here she is relieved… At the end of the day, she joins Camille at the Spoon and meets Diego. Her sister can't help but notice that her sister has good taste.

Gilles and Cécile make a big request of Chloé and Alex

Gilles And Cecile are getting married, it's official! Gilles asks his sister, Marianne, to be his witness. But this one sends him to the roses. She doesn't understand why her brother insists on moving so quickly in this new relationship. She also reminds him that he is in his fourth marriage and would like things to go well for him one day. Annoyed, he turns to Chloe And Alex. The couple agrees to be witnesses to their union. For her part, Cécile readily admits to Chloé that this marriage could be surprising as their relationship is progressing so quickly. But Chloé is understanding: they must live their story as they wish! She adds that we should not pay attention to Marianne's remarks, who is skeptical by nature.

Samuel is saved

Samuel is held prisoner by Florence. The investigators understand that Florent had planned his attack since he tampered with a false letter from the judge to release Samuel and kidnap him. This is how he was able to sequester him. The police are trying to find the places where he could have taken Samuel. His vehicle stopped in Frontignan. They go looking for him. In the meantime, Victory died of worry. She remembers the case of Florent's wife. A woman who came to give birth urgently at the hospital where she was not being monitored. Samuel had delivered her but she convulsed and died within hours of her daughter's birth. If Samuel could not have done anything, Florent never stopped holding Samuel responsible. The latter ties his hands and explains to him why he is attacking him. He was the doctor who took care of his wife. If the doctor remembers this case, for which he could have done nothing, he chooses to repent and takes Florent's weapon to point it in front of him. Samuel orders him to kill him to get justice but a shot goes off. Eventually, Samuel managed to shoot his kidnapper in the leg and fled. While Florent managed to return to his car, despite the injury, the police arrested him. Samuel is safe and sound. Victoire finds him at the hospital, relieved to find him.