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Summary of episode 1621 of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Tuesday February 13, 2024 on TF1. Jack is sure that Jordan turns a blind eye to his feelings for Violet. If the latter assures that this is not the case, he finds it more and more difficult to hide the truth of what he feels. When he goes to Violette's house, he meets Charles, her brother whom she gets to know little by little. Charles makes a mistake thinking that Jordan is Violette's boyfriend. The teenagers immediately disabuse him but Violette blushes. When Jordan leaves, Charles tries to get Violette to confess. But the young teenager prefers not to dwell on her feelings. Later, she shares lunch with Charles and Roxane. Violette admits to them that she misses Australia and her parents. She knows that what they did is very wrong but they are her parents and they educated her. She crosses Liam, to whom she briefly explains the complexity of her family structure. He asks her to have a drink at the end of the day so he can talk to her about it in more detail. She accepts but Charles warns her: playing both sides is risky. While she spends some time with Liam at the end of the day, Jordan sees them and blames the blow.

Georges soon to be a father?

George is plagued by doubts. The more time passes, the more the due date of Vanessa approach. Now the policeman realizes that he is not ready to raise this baby. He made her a promise but realizes that he will not be able to keep it. Educating this baby who risks constantly reminding him of Vanessa but above all giving him unconditional love seems impossible to him. The difficulty for him now is to decide and announce to Vanessa that he prefers this baby to go to another family. This situation is very difficult for the police officer who is at the same time trying to change his relationship with Melody. He realizes from the day before that the next day is Valentine's Day. And he didn't plan anything!

Gilles is overcome by pain

Gilles, he has not forgotten to be romantic. He went to buy two pretty bouquets: one for his niece, Chloeand the other for Cecile, his future wife. While Diego is uncomfortable because he has not managed to admit to those around him that he saw Cécile with a man in the street, the latter reminds Gilles to take his food supplements in his bag. At the same time, the robot portrait of the man who attacked him, made thanks to Gilles, allows it to be compared to the city's video surveillance images. It is quickly identified and it is Pascal Villard, a gambler banned from Casino. If the investigators are looking for a link between Cécile and this man, the future bride and groom spend their evening separately. Indeed, Gilles is taken to the Mas and then to the Spoon for a bachelor party. While the evening is in full swing, Pascal Villard observes the group of friends and leaves a message for Cécile telling her that he misses her. Later, Gilles has chest pain.

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Summary of episode 1618 of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Thursday February 8, 2024 on TF1. It's been days since Gilles worried about Cecile. After trying on her wedding dress, his new companion was brutally kidnapped in the street before being kidnapped. During the investigation, the police managed to find the place where she was held captive and freed her. Now taken into hospital care, she is questioned by the police. She remembers that the person who kidnapped her was a man and that he was using a device to alter her voice. She also remembers that she didn't want for anything and that he wasn't aggressive with her. Gilles is happy to find her and takes care of her. When they leave the hospital, they come across the man who has been in a coma for weeks being moved through the corridor. At that moment, Cécile has a shock: she recognizes her ex-husband. Marianne is surprised, he was registered under another name and his wife constantly comes to see him. However, Cécile is categorical, it is indeed her ex-husband.

George take the plunge with Melody. After weeks of procrastination and hiccups in their early relationship, the police officer decides to get out of the friend zone. He wants to conquer the heart of Mélody, who he likes very much, but for that he needs a little help… In the early morning, Mélody goes to the Spoon and receives some advice fromAudrey. But the young sports teacher does not want to be pushed by anyone and accepts that things happen slowly. But Mona has decided otherwise and pushes Audrey to add her two cents. Audrey takes advantage of Georges passing by the Spoon to talk to him about Mélody. She lets him understand that they are very good friends… Georges realizes that he does not want to be Mélody's friend at all and goes to the high school where she gives a sports lesson. He interrupts and kisses him after telling him that he wants to be more than his friend.

Charlie leaves Sète

Charlie finished packing his bags. The young woman is overcome by emotion throughout this trying day. Chrystelle is very sad to see her leave and wants to make sure she is fully equipped for Canada. Then, Charlie receives a visit from Francis. The young woman sends him on the roses. He wants to apologize but takes the opportunity to admit to her that he had kissed Soizic long before leaving her and that he had therefore cheated on her… Charlie is even more saddened and seems to regret nothing about this breakup. François was ultimately not the man she thought he was. In the evening, Chrystelle and Sylvain surprise Charlie with a party organized at their home in the presence of all his friends. The young woman is very moved but wants to make the most of these last moments with her loved ones. She greets one last time Nathan, his best friend, and remembers all the memories experienced in Sète since his arrival at high school. Great moments full of nostalgia which mark the end of the Sète chapter for Charlie.

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Summary of episode 1592 of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Tuesday January 2, 2024 on TF1. Violet is under the spell of Liam. The one who dressed up as Santa Claus and redistributed the presents to the whole town seems to have caught the young woman's eye. But while she is talking to him at the skatepark, a teenage girl named Lilou disembarks.

Violette takes this intrusion very badly and loses confidence in herself: Lilou is the perfect young girl in her eyes… Later, she meets Lilou at the Spoon. This time, the two young teenagers are alone and Lilou begins to question Violette.

She wants to know if she has a history with Liam. And if Lilou asks him that, it's because Liam is flirtatious. As soon as he got to high school, he added her on Snapchat and texted her again after the skate park. So she should move on.

Violette is disgusted. She doesn't want to hear it anymore. But while she is waiting for the bus to go home, Liam shows up. He suggests that they go for a drink alone. She immediately refuses. The young man then offers to take her home and she accepts.

Mona's realization

Mona still acting up. She urgently asks George to host it. But there he was, he was meeting with Melissa. Once again their meeting is ruined by the police officer's mother.

Later, Mélissa goes to the Spoon and talks to Audrey about her failed date. She despairs of one day being able to kiss him and have a quiet date without her mother. At that moment, Mona arrives and tells Audrey that she slept at Georges' house urgently.

Audrey makes the connection and tries to convince Mélissa to hang on. She thinks he's a good person who just has a slightly intrusive mother. When Mélissa leaves, Mona realizes that it was the young woman Georges was with when she arrived the day before.

Audrey makes Mona understand that she should have a discussion with her son. She can't continue to be pushy with him, otherwise he'll end up alone. Mona goes to the police station and speaks with her son. Georges admits that he finds her intrusive.

Timothy and Victor threatened

A notary from Sète was murdered at point blank range in his home. Present, Noor witnessed the scene. She was quickly hospitalized after suffering a blow to the head. Although everything should be resolved normally for the young nurse, she is very shocked.

For their part, investigators suspect Alexis Langlois to be back. He was recently released and Sète was the last place where he had been scouted for burglaries. The DNA test on the Santa costume confirms this and the police launch the search.

On their side, Etienne and his family are worried. They are afraid that he will come back for revenge. It is Etienne who is responsible for his arrest and imprisonment. The family is protected by a police officer but is still worried.

Finally, Alexis Langlois goes to the Brunette. He threatens them with a weapon and wants to get Victor that he finds a way for him to escape to another country thanks to his connections. The businessman is willing to try to collaborate but above all asks him not to hurt his son.

At the same time, the police arrive at the Brunet home. Roxane identified the hacker: it is Timothy. They are looking for him to question him. Alexis Langlois panics and hides by taking Timothée hostage.

Victor opens up to the police and assures them that Timothée has gone to the United States. They leave on their own and Victor is reassured to have managed the situation. When he finds Alexis and Timothée, the burglar and murderer threatens him: if he says anything to the police, his son will be dead.