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Summary of episode 1606 of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Tuesday January 23, 2024 on TF1. Violet hesitates between Jordan And Liam. He likes the two young men but his heart is unsteady. She talks about her hesitation with Roxane, who enjoys seeing her play the pretty hearts. She also points out her love for complicated boys… Back at school, the young woman notices that Jordan and Lilou discuss together. While Rayane notes that Lilou is very pretty, Violette throws a fit of jealousy. She goes to see Lilou and asks her what she has in mind. The teenager assures him that she was not flirting with Jordan but on the contrary wanted to play matchmaker for Violette. Violette is stunned and doesn’t know what to answer. Later, she asks Jordan what he was discussing with Lilou and the latter kicks in. He assures her that he wasn’t talking about her.

Adam unmasks his parents

Soizic is worried and calls Francis. The professor reassures her: he loved the intimate moment they shared. Later, Soizic goes to the apartment and complicity once again gives way to sensuality. François feels a little guilty because he realizes that Charlie was right all along. Adam comes home at this point, and her parents are barefoot, both eating on the couch. He understands that they are together again…

Samuel taken into police custody, Victory in danger

The police are moving forward with the investigation into the threats weighing on those close to Samuel. The investigators noted that the rental car returned by Samuel had traces of impact but it did not correspond to a pole as the doctor assured. Delving into the complaints of the time, investigators come across a semi-professional golf player knocked down on a corresponding date. They then think that Samuel has fled and that the player whose shoulder was seriously impacted wants revenge.

For his part, Samuel confessed everything to Victory and she can’t believe that he could have fled after such an act. When she tries to convince him to denounce himself, George arrives at the villa. He came to take Samuel to the police station. During his hearing, the doctor confesses everything and confirms that he thinks Victoire is in danger. He received a new text message the day before… Samuel is taken into police custody. Victory asks Soraya to take care of his file and claim that he is ill. She fears more than anything the effects of her withdrawal in a cell without medical assistance. But Soraya tries to convince her friend that Samuel is just selfish. While in police custody, Samuel quickly feels unwell and asks for medicine but Manon is not authorized to give it to him. Meanwhile, the golfer is questioned and he has an alibi for Renaud’s attack. It can’t be him. Later, Victoire is admitted to the emergency room, she was hit by a car.

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Summary of episode 1604 of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Friday January 19, 2024 on TF1. Soizic offers a spa afternoon Francis. The two exes enjoy a private moment alone. The opportunity for Soizic to get closer to him, after his separation from Charlie.

She offers to play two games and both parentsAdam even end up bickering like teenagers. Moments that remind Soizic how much she is afraid of François leaving for Canada.

She places her hand on her bathrobe as she talks about her desire for him to stay in Sète. At this moment, Christelle Moreno observes everything. She was also at the spa that day and saw everything about their exchanges.

Chloe starts at the hospital

For his part, Chloe began his observation period at the hospital. It is supervised by Noor who is determined not to make his daily life easy. Chloé quickly understands that it is a request from her mother, Mariannewho wants to put her off the job.

Once things are clarified, Noor agrees to soften and confirms to Chloé that she is right to pursue her dreams regardless of what those around her think. Chloe appreciates his support and the two women take a break.

When Marianne catches them enjoying some time away from work, she reframes them. But Chloé assures that they were in the process of revising the administrative procedure for monitoring patients. A little lie that saves the day this time.

Chloé and Noor continue their rounds and the former principal discovers an unidentified patient in the emergency room. We don't know how it got there…

Worried victory, Samuel on the edge

Samuel And Victory continue to get closer but the latter is still very shocked by the parcel bomb to which she was subjected. Samuel is interviewed by the police and assures that he has nothing to reproach himself for. There is no reason to threaten him like this.

The marker used to write the threatening message was found not far from the hospital. The prints found on the marker belong to a grapher known to the police for drug cases.

But on the day the package was delivered, he was still at work. It is therefore not him who is at the origin of this explosive package. On the other hand, the author was able to use the marker to divert the police's trail… For his part, Samuel would like the police to stop insinuating that he is hiding something. Victoire knows well George : he won't let go of anything.

Samuel goes to the hospital to wean himself off. It's very difficult for him to resist. His father supports him more than ever and offers him painkillers without opioids but Samuel knows that this will not relieve him.

Secretly, he goes to the pharmacy so he can steal some. Fortunately, Marianne surprises him when he was about to start from scratch in his withdrawal.

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Summary of episode 1595 of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday January 8, 2024 on TF1. Charlie wakes up at the Moreno house, morale at zero. Since she made people believe Francis that she was pregnant, and that he discovered the deception, the young woman has difficulty regaining her senses.

She doesn't know how to make up for it. For his part, François also wakes up in pain. He slept on the couch and is still very upset. Soizic arrives and offers him a down jacket. She quickly understands that he did not sleep in her bed.

The doctor takes the opportunity to question him about his eczema. He assures her that the plates are almost all gone. But Soizic is convinced that he doesn't really want to leave. Finally, François and Charlie reunite. The young woman apologizes.

She explains to him that she wanted to test his desire to leave and the solidity of their relationship. She knows she has crossed the line. For his part, François admits that he does not want to go to Canada. His life is in Sète and it is too important for him to be close to his son.

Charlie suspected he was more reluctant than he let on. She heard him discussing it with Adam the other day… François admits to having had difficulty finding the words to talk to her about his reluctance. Above all, he didn't want to stop her from leaving.

Charlie then suggests that they postpone their departure but François does not want to. He tells her that he prefers to let her pursue her dreams rather than hold her back. Charlie understands that François is leaving her.

Adeline competes with bad luck

For his part, Adeline is employed at the hospital. She has a new interview with Marianne. The young woman competes with bad luck and has a series of problems. After water damage ruined her entire wardrobe and her apartment, she found help from Victory.

But when he arrives at the hospital, the blouse she lent him is stained by his drink. Benjamin who gets into him. The doctor leaves for Madagascar and empties the hospital of his personal effects.

Alexis Langlois dead

The police are still looking Alexis. They have a lead from a police informant. This money leads them to question a certain Tahar. He admits to having met Alexis who wanted stolen jewelry and tablets from him on Friday. On the other hand, he did not agree to buy them from her.

He knew that the merchandise would be traceable by the police. Unfortunately, the car stolen by Alexis cannot be found, but it has not been noticed on the outskirts of the city. While the police continue to follow all leads to find him, his lifeless body lies on the beach…

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Summary of episode 1586 of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Tuesday December 26 on TF1. While Judith has returned to the Delcourts to celebrate a warm Christmas with her family, the thief Santa Claus spoils the party somewhat.

A little earlier in the day Alex and Chloé were walking around the Christmas market when they noticed that people were gathering around the large central tree. And for good reason, at his foot there were many gifts.

A mountain of presents which intrigued onlookers. The latter began to open them and help themselves. Quickly, Chloe and Alex find themselves delighted by the idea, until they see someone opening the gift that Sylvain had reserved in an art gallery for Christelle.

Alert, Alex quickly understands that these gifts are those which were stolen by the famous Santa Claus who annoys many families in Sète. The owner of the farmhouse alerts the police. They quickly arrive on site and requisition all the gifts.

Later, Sylvain And Christelle go to the police station and identify their gifts but cannot recover them until the investigation is complete. It is the same for Timothy and Victor who are having a hard time finding their packages.

If some find that this Santa Claus is touching in playing Robin Hood, others are shocked by these slips which have really spoiled the Christmas holidays of families living in Sète. For their part, the police are struggling to move forward but George received information that could boost the investigation.

News in Sète

Longtime friend of Soraya, Adeline settles in Sète. And she makes a thunderous arrival there. The young all-terrain doctor first meets Victoire and does not fail to argue with her before finally getting to know each other.

She goes to the hospital for a job interview with Marianne Delcourt and meets the handsome Benjamin, whom she does not leave indifferent. She hasn't missed his charm either but seems to have other priorities at the moment.

Later, Victory, Soraya and Adeline meet at the cousins' shared apartment for a girls' dinner. They come to evoke the love story between the lawyer and Gabriel. Soraya bursts into tears: she is happy to have reconciled with Noor but experiences this separation very badly. The young lawyer only thinks about Gabriel, with whom she is still in love.

François doubts

Early morning, Charlie discovers that Francis slept fully clothed, unlike usual. The young woman is surprised and rushes to undress him to enjoy an intimate moment. But lo and behold, the professor later goes to the hospital.

In consultation with Marianne, he confides in the patches of eczema that broke out on his back last night. The doctor is clear: if he has not changed the cleaning products at home or has not been in contact with an allergic factor, he is the victim of too much stress.

François faces the facts: he is not living this departure for Canada that well… In the corridors of the hospital, he comes across Soizic who immediately guesses the reason why he came to consult. She then reminds him that the last time he had eczema was when he left her.

When he returns, he asks Adam to rub cream on his back and talk with him about his departure to Canada. His son reminds him that he supports him but that he shouldn't go backwards to please Charlie. François admits to her that he is not thrilled with the idea of ​​leaving but asks her to keep it a secret. But it's too late, Charlie heard everything…

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Summary of episode 1544 of Tomorrow belongs to usbroadcast on TF1, Friday October 27, 2023. After an eventful summer, Gilles (Laurent Gamelon) wants to sell his house. The brother of Marianne Delcourt (Luce Mouchel) is convinced that his house is cursed.

I have to say that Bruno (Kevin Levy) was poisoned with well water, drugs were hidden on the construction site, and the work never ends. As if that wasn’t enough, the owner of the place now hears baby crying.

He no longer sees himself living there and has made a very radical decision: he wants to sell it as quickly as possible. He wrote an ad which he showed to Tristan. The latter has a crush on good. During the visit, Gilles is very transparent with his roommate.

But Tristan don’t let yourself be discouraged. On the contrary, he feels capable of doing all the work. But now, the former boss of Spoon is disillusioned when he learns that the bank is not supporting him on this project.

Soizic is confident

Francis (Emmanuel Moire) feels guilty about having slipped up with Soizic (Charlie Nune). While he’s in bed with Charlie (Clémence Lassalas), the professor is the victim of a sexual breakdown. The young woman is far from becoming cheesed and relaxes the atmosphere.

But in his head, François is indeed thinking about how he is going to handle this situation. He leaves a voicemail for Soizic so they can meet to talk about what happened. Soizic is very happy with this meeting and shares her feelings with Victory (Solène Hébert).

But there, Benjamin (Alexandre Varga) tries to calm the ardor of his colleague. He thinks that François had a temporary breakdown. He is convinced that he will remain in a relationship with Charlie. The professor indeed seems content in the arms of the young woman…

Bart more than ever in danger

Bart (Hector Langevin) is hospitalized after his road accident. The Spoon boss is getting better and better. Victoire also says it to Eloisethe twin sister ofAdele (Aliénor Bouvier) by taking it for herself. The young woman blames the blow: her plan to get rid of him did not work.

For his part, Roxane (Raphaële Volkoff) has a revelation. She just thinks that she met Adèle’s twin sister a few days ago in Sète. She shares Karim (Samy Gharbi) his doubts. It could be that Eloise is trying to get rid of the men who surround her sister.

The police discover that Eloïse had already tried to cause a separation between her sister and one of her ex-companions. For her part, Adèle sees her sister and suspects nothing. She shares her love for Bart and her desire to introduce him to him.

For her, he is the man of her life. A statement that Eloïse cannot stand. The twin sister goes to the hospital and tells Bart, still in a coma, that she doesn’t know what her sister can do with him. She takes out a syringe to get rid of him like she did with the others…