Demain Nous Belongs in advance of Wednesday November 1, 2023 on TF1: Eloïse fools everyone, Halloween turns into a nightmare Follow us

Summary of episode 1547 of Tomorrow belongs to us, broadcast on Wednesday November 1 on TF1. To the hospital, Bart is convinced that the young woman who woke up is Adele. It is, in reality, Eloise. The young man warns her that the police want to give her a handwriting test in order to compare her handwriting to the one she wrote to him. Although exhausted, Eloïse accepts and passes the test successfully. The two scripts match 95%. After successfully fooling everyone, including the police, Eloise leaves the hospital with Bart who takes her to the apartment. They kiss and Bart tells him that they will rebuild together.

At the Spoon, Rayanewho does not want to be separated from Jack, begs his mother to let him live in Sète. Faced with the refusal of Romythe young man goes to the police station to ask Karim to live at home. A little later, it is Romy who, in turn, makes this request to Karim who agrees to accommodate his nephew until the end of the school year. Rayane goes to Jack to tell him the good news. The lovers then plan to spend the night under the stars.

Morbid escape game for teenagers

For Halloween, Luna, Lizzie, Corentin And Dorian must solve a treasure hunt. Nathan And Camille arrive unexpectedly, which does not delight Dorian and Luna. After solving the first riddle, the small group of high school students goes to the cemetery where they find a second riddle. Here again, the teenagers manage to solve it and find themselves in a lost house in the middle of nowhere, with no network. Dorian quickly understands that they are participating in an escape game. After they place their cell phones in a trunk, the door closes behind them and the light goes out. When it turns back on, Lizzie is chained to a mechanism. It’s panic among teenagers!