Stranger Things: this key character of season 4 is revealed in a prequel Follow us

Fans of Stranger Things were upset by the fate of Eddie Munson in season 4. The character played by Joseph Quinn remains one of the most popular in the series at this time. Behind the rebel from Hawkins, Indiana, hides a young man with a big heart. So much so that he sacrifices himself to allow his friends to escape from the Upside Down. An epic kill by immense bats to the sound of a cult Metallica solo. It has since been rumored that he could make his return in season 5. “A good theory” according to her comrade Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) which has not, however, been made official.

Eddie Munson will indeed come back to life in the universe of Stranger Things. Screenwriter Caitlin Schneiderhan will reveal her past in a prequel novel titled Flight of Icarus, to be published on October 31. We will discover in particular that the metalhead from Hawkins took his first steps in a recording studio in 1984 thanks to Paige. In an extract revealed by the author, her friend collects her confidences on the passion for music left to her by her late mother: “This music takes you on an adventure, in another world, as if to face demons. Traveling to the depths of hell. My mother’s music was plane tickets. I guess that makes my music a portal to another dimension.” A sad nod to its imminent end…

After Stranger Things, Joseph Quinn will join another universe

It is impossible to know at this time whether Joseph Quinn will return to service in one way or another in Stranger Things. In the meantime, the 29-year-old British actor is reportedly filming in front of a famous director’s camera. Ridley Scott would have offered him a major role in the sequel to the cult Gladiator, currently in production. Rumors suggest that the interpreter of Eddie Munson would portray the Roman emperor Caracalla in this new story centered on Lucius, the son of Lucilla, here played by Paul Mescal (Normal People). Also announced as cast were Djimon Hounsou (Juba), Denzel Washington and Barry Keoghan.

Prime Video: a surprise series with Jean Dujardin is released on the Follow us platform

Have you heard ofAlphonse. Who is that ? A series by Nicolas Bedos which arrives somewhat by surprise on Prime Video starring Jean Dujardin and Charlotte Gainsbourg. No ? Well, now you know! Because Alphonse is available from this Thursday October 12, 2023. All without any promotion.

Fact, Alphonse arrives on the sly on the platform of Amason. A series carried by two immense French stars which is put online through the back door, without poster, without promotion, without trailer. The reason ? Probably the recent placement in police custody of its director, Nicolas Bedos, for sexual assault relating to facts dated June 2023. We can imagine that Prime Video saw things very small to Alphonse in order to avoid a big bad buzz on the networks.

Prime Video: what is the series Alphonse with Jean Dujardin?

Alphonse is a tragicomic series looking towards the first two feature films directed by Nicolas Bedos in 2017 And 2019, Mr and Mrs Adelman Then The good times. The mini-series is made up of 6 50-minute episodes, written and directed by Bedos himself. We discover there Alphonse, played by Dujardin, a forty-something reconnecting with an absent father and meeting several eccentric women. Any resemblance to the life and career of its director is purely coincidental. Though… Difficult to know because Alphonse was also not shown to the press in advance as is customary with series or films. The first three episodes of the series are available this Thursday, October 12. The other three will be released once per week on Prime Video. Nicolas Bedos, for his part, will normally be judged in early 2024.

Disney: this studio classic will be adapted into a series Follow us

Disney never stops exploiting its catalog. The studio has particularly focused on live action in recent years. Cartoons as famous asAlice in Wonderland, The Lady and the Tramp, The Lion King, Aladdin or Mulan were adapted into real shots with a very variable success rate. The big-eared firm does not intend to stop there. After The little Mermaidit will be the turn of Blanche and the Seven Dwarfs to resurrect with a flesh-and-blood cast. Will come next Lilo and Stitch, Then Vaiana: The Legend of the End of the World, of Hercules, Bambi And Merlin the wizard. Nothing seems to be able to stop him!

Back to basics. Disney is not done with animation. According to the American magazine Varietythe studio is now working on an animated series derived from another of its “recent” classics, The princess and the Frog. Although announced in 2020, the project entitled Tiana seems to have been trampled on for a long time. The showrunner of the program, Joyce Sherri nevertheless declares that it will land on Disney + next year. Anika Noni Rose (The Good Wife) will once again lend his voice to the main character in this sequel designed as “a grand new adventure as the newly crowned princess of Maldonia.” See you in 2024!

These other sequels that Disney is working on

The schedule of Disney is busier than ever. After the monstrous success of Lion King 2.0, the studio is preparing a live action prequel dedicated to Mufasa. Rafiki, Timon and Pumbaa will serve as narrators in this new original story from director Barry Jenkins (Moonlight, Dear White People). Despite its critical failure in theaters, the rereading ofAladdin will for its part be entitled to a mysterious sequel about which Disney prefers to remain discreet. As for rumors, we still have no news from Jungle Book 2, a film officially announced even before the release of the live action. It’s the same for The Hunchback of Notre Dame whose release would have been set for 2025, but also for Robin Hood under the direction of Carlos Lopez Estrada (Raya and the Last Dragon) and for the spin-off ofAladdin about Prince Anders (Billy Magnussen).

Friends: why did the interpreter of Janine leave the series? Follow us

We’re not going to lie, most fans of Friendsor rather a large majority, hate Janine. The young woman, on whom Joey breaks before forming a relationship with her, however, will not last long in the cult sitcom. Three little rounds – five episodes, in reality – and then it’s gone… Explanations on a unexpected departure which has nothing to do with the haste aficionados of Friends.

In fact, Elle Macpherson, emblematic interpreter of Janine in the series, had to very quickly hang up this unloved role for organizational issues that are too complicated. The actress and model lived in London at the time of filming Friends. Flying back and forth wasn’t that convenient for her. Furthermore, she could not live in the United States solely for production purposes.

Friends : Elle Macpherson should have had a bigger role

So, it was a bit of a cold shower for Elle Macpherson who was forced to leave the series permanently even though her character was barely established in the landscape. And that it should have a more important role in the continuation of Friends. Today, she almost regrets her participation in the show as she is reduced to nothing. Much ado about not much, according to her. The actress confides in the magazine TV Week : “If I had known how big the show would be and how much it would be on TV, I might have chosen not to star in it. It was a lot of pressure, even more so when you think it will still be broadcast in 30 years.Because, in addition to having struggled between two flights, Elle Macpherson was very quickly hated, or rather her character on screen, because she had the wrong role. The one from Joey’s girlfriend, first, then the one from humorous counterpoint from the Serie. And so from the happy group of very exclusive friends of Friends. The Joey/Janine couple was quickly hated, at least during the handful of episodes in which she appeared. But bashing from fans has nothing to do with his departure. Phew, we are reassured!

Here it all starts in advance of Thursday October 12, 2023 on TF1: Kelly and Lionel reunited, Lisandro on the departure Follow us

Summary of episode 772 ofHere it all beginsbroadcast on TF1, Thursday October 12, 2023. While she is in class with the first year students, Clotilde (Elsa Lunghini) discovers thatEnzo (Azize Diabaté) published a photograph of the burger she prepared the day before.

Although the burger looks delicious, the renowned chef does not want to be associated with this type of cuisine. She expresses doubt about her association with the Master’s student whose culinary project she must supervise.

Eventually, Clear (Catherine Marchal) eases tensions and convinces her to remain in partnership with Enzo, who apologized for his mistake. Clotilde gives a second chance to the young student full of promise.

Lisandro (Agustin Galiana) is back at the Auguste Armand Institute. After his layoff, the professor and head waiter at the Double A training restaurant is happy to see the whole team again, and enjoys a warm welcome from Pink (Vanessa Demouy).

Lisandro leaves

At the same time, Rose discovers that Antoine (Frédéric Diefenthal) has printed a curriculum vitae: that of a renowned butler. The director of the Master understands that Antoine wants to replace Lisandro. But when she wants to raise the subject with the room service teacher, he tells her some surprising news.

Lisandro wants to leave the Institute permanently. His ex-wife moved to Canada and obtained permission from the judge to leave there with their son, Esteban. Lisandro therefore wants to settle there too and has even found a position in a prestigious establishment.

It was he who advised Antoine Myriel to hurry up and find a replacement for him by suggesting the profile of this renowned butler. In shock, Rose accepts the news and understands that finding a replacement for him will be the best solution for Emmanuel Teyssier to accept his sudden departure.

Will Kelly leave?

Kelly (Axelle Dodier) is leaving. She has packed her suitcase and is ready to say goodbye to the Institute in favor of a second position in a restaurant in Lyon. If her decision seems somewhat hasty to her mother, the young woman feels that she will not succeed in winning back Lionel (Lucien Belvès).

The young woman explains to her friends Amber (Claire Romain) and Salomé (Aurélie Pons) that she does not regret not having formed a relationship with Malik (Oscar Al Hafiane). The young chef realized too late that she was still in love with Lionel.

The latter hears their conversation and congratulates her on her position while wishing her good luck. Later, when Kelly has left for the station, he tries to catch up with her. But the train has already left when it arrives.

He goes to Laetitia (Florence Coste) to ask him for the address where Kelly is going to settle, in Lyon. But in reality, the young chef has not left. Lionel then tells her all his love and they kiss.

For her part, Amber joins Malik at the marsh. She admits to him that if she wanted to hide from him, it was because the train accident that occurred at the beginning of summer left her with a large scar that complicates her.

Malik understands the situation better and reassures her: he had already fallen in love with her through messages, without even seeing her, and now that he knows her, he can only love her more.

Good Doctor: Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) facing a new beginning Follow us

On Wednesday October 4, 2023, TF1 offered viewers three new episodes from the successful medical series, Good Doctor. The first episode highlights the complex case of Carter, a young boy suffering from a rare heart anomaly. The patient’s mother, Bianca, tries to redeem himself after abandoning it years ago. However, tensions arise when Jared, a new doctor eager to prove himself, takes shortcuts, resulting in a conflict with Shaun, his mentor and friend.

At the same time, France 2 broadcast the unreleased TV movie Little angel with Anny Duperey as headliner. M6 continued the competition Best Pastry Chef. And France 3 offered a new episode of the magazine Roots and wings, dedicated to the guardian angels of heritage. Canal+, for its part, broadcast the Newcastle / Paris Saint-Germain match as part of the Champions League. The previous episode of Good Doctorbroadcast on Wednesday September 27, 2023, gathered on average 2.31 million viewers, i.e. a market share of 15.9% of the entire public. These figures represent an increase of 2.2 points compared to the previous week. The last episode even achieved a remarkable performance with 19.4% audience. This is an unprecedented performance since 2019 for the medical series.

Good Doctor: a shocking new beginning

Although season 7 of Good Doctor is confirmed, it is experiencing a slight delay due to the authors’ strike in the United States. The broadcast is planned for the first half of 2024 across the Atlantic. It remains to be seen if TF1 will follow the same strategy than previously by broadcasting the series just a few weeks after its release in the United States. This new season should explore the theme of parenthood, with the birth of Shaun and Léa’s son, Steve Aaron, in the last episode of season 6. Unfortunately, Shaun will have to deal with the departure of Brandon Larracuente. Indeed, his interpreter chose to leave the series after just one season. Good Doctor continues to attract a large audience and arouse the enthusiasm of fans, despite the challenges the series faces.

Pokémon: a cooking show like Philippe Etchebest Follow us

Pokemon still remains a stainless pop-cultural phenomenon in 2023. From the first generation of pocket monsters exit in 1999 in France to the recent live action film Detective Pikachuusing the app Pokémon Go. And there’s still something new in the Pokémon department… A cooking show! And yes, imagine Philippe Etchebest tumbling in front of Pokémon like in Top chef. That’s almost it, we’re hardly exaggerating. Trailer !

Fact, Camping Trip with Pokémon is a mini-series live in which a pokemon trainer finds himself camping with his pokemon. The little extra for the little camper? He makes them a nice little meal. And thus transmits to them the passion for culinary creation like in a show by our dear Philou Etchebest. In addition to giving them free snacks. Camping Trip with Pokémon is a program available on the channel Official Pokémon YouTube. Be careful, however, it is currently only in Japanese.

Pokemon : always further, always higher, always more pokey

Jigglypuff, Charmander, Psyduck, Pikachu and the aptly named young shoot Poussacha are from the party in this first culinary season of Camping Trip with Pokémon. A mixture of live action and computer-generated images (for the little monsters) which is reminiscent of the ambitious Detective Pikachu. Moreover, the little detective thriller, released in 2019, will soon be entitled to a sequel. Pokémon spoils its pokézouzes even more since there was recently a collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum has Amsterdam and the recent app Poké Sleep. We almost forget the original video games on Gameboy. And even the cartoon of our childhood with its credits too cringe than worship. Pokémon is definitely a franchise that has endured over time, much more than the playground card game. Camping Trip with Pokémon, for its part, is the direct spin-off of Sweet Paradise broadcast on YouTube in 2022. Another food tutorial program. Let’s get back on track with the Pokémon… Enjoy your meal!

SWAT: how fans managed to save the series Follow us

THE fans sometimes have considerable impact and conviction. Even more so, perhaps, in the age of social networks. Take SWAT. The muscular series carried in particular by Shemar “gueule d’a…” Moore was saved by its spectators. At least for one final season. Explanations…

In fact, in May 2023, the American channel CBS suddenly announced that it would end the programming of SWAT. A spontaneous announcement, unexpected even, against which Shemar Moore had pushed a famous rant. The interpreter ofHonda in the testosterone show had grabbed the program managers by the collar during a video Instagram quickly went viral. And which, inevitably, appealed to the fan base of SWAT.

SWAT: one last season for the road

Thus, with his filmed discontent, Shemar Moore touched many spectators on social networks. With the eloquent hashtag “SaveSWAT” (literally “Save SWAT”), the actor’s very personal message touched the hearts of the fans who stood up like a legion against the CBS executives. Upon arrival, the channel finally gave in by renewing the series one last time for a final season. History of closing in due form SWAT After seven seasons. It must be said that the detective series still brings together more than 6,000,000 of viewers in the United States. A figure far from shameful which gave Shemar Moore one more reason to remove the pins in his Insta video. The actor had said that the cancellation was “a f*cking mistake” from CBS programmers. SWAT therefore ends with its seventh and final season, currently broadcast on TF1. CBS still managed a small Pyrrhic victory by truncating the season by 9 episodes, reducing it from a usual total of 22 to only 13. Fans 1 – CBS 1. Tie, ball in the center but final curtain for SWAT.

Such great sunshine canceled this Tuesday, October 10: find out how to catch up with the episode Follow us

You thought you would find your favorite characters fromSuch a big sunl this evening on France 2? Dear readers, we are unfortunately disappointed to announce that the new episode of this Tuesday, October 10, 2023 has been deprogrammed. This is not the first time that fans of the France 2 soap opera have had to deal with this little inconvenience. Indeed, the channel has decided to put the news first and foremost. In recent weeks, there have been many events that have happened in France and around the world.

Series Such a big sun finds himself between the 8 p.m. news and the prime time program. This evening, just after the television news, France 2 will reveal an exclusive interview with the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky. It was recorded the day before in kyiv with journalist Caroline Roux. This interview will be revealed as part of the show L’éveil, l’interview. Volodymyr Zelensky will therefore return to the conflict between Ukraine and Russia which has lasted for a little over a year. Millions of French people will gather in front of the channel this evening to witness this event.

Such great sunshine: where to catch up with the episode?

Fans who wanted at all costs to watch the new episode of this Tuesday, October 10, 2023 ofSuch a big sun will have to arm themselves with a little patience. In fact, they will be able to follow the adventures of their favorite characters from tomorrow. The series should be rebroadcast from this Wednesday October 11, 2023 on France 2 at 8:45 p.m. For those who want to know what will happen in the next episode, we invite you to watch our summary. The continuation ofSuch a big sun promises to be full of twists and turns. Some truths will be revealed and there might be love in the air too. See you tomorrow on France 2 to discover the rest ofSuch a big sun.

Netflix: the platform gives a huge surprise to fans of The Crown Follow us

It’s almost the end for The Crown ! The royal series will end at the end of a sixth season that has long been closely scrutinized by its fans. Its final chapter will cover the events that shook the Windsors from the late 90s to the early 2000s. Showrunner Peter Morgan (The Queen) will return in particular to the tragic death of Lady Diana (Elizabeth Debicki) in Paris in August 1997 and its consequences on the British crown. It will also be about the marriage of Charles III (Dominic West) and Camilla Parker Bowles in 2005 and the meeting between Kate Middleton (Meg Bellamy) and Prince William (Ed McVey).

Modeled on season 4 of Stranger ThingsNetflix will broadcast the finale of The Crown in two parts. The streaming giant revealed on its X account (formerly known as Twitter) that the first batch of episodes would land on November 16. You will then have to wait a month to discover the conclusion of the series, that is, December 14, 2023. The platform had the good and generous idea of ​​accompanying its message with a short promotional video where we see Elizabeth II (Imelda Staunton ) getting ready to greet the crowd from the balcony of Buckingham Palace. If you listen, you can hear her voice mixing with those of the two other interpreters of the late queen, Olivia Colman and Claire Foy. “What about the life I put aside? The woman I cast aside », asks the mother of Charles III. Response in a month!

The Crown fans are in heaven

Netflix couldn’t find a better gift to give to fans of The Crown. “It’s still looinnn”says one Internet user impatiently, while another is looking forward to it: “It’s going to be good, it’s going to be very good!” ». However, the editorial choice of the platform does not seem to make everyone happy. “Can’t wait to see this final season ofe The Crown but why cut it into 2 parts you couldn’t release it all at once like the old ones it’s really crap Netflix well I’m going to have to wait until December 14 to watch everything at once”, wrote a fan, disgusted. And the platform responded: “It’s the last season, you have to savor”. Tasting imminent!