Rugby World Cup: a juror from The Voice chosen to provide the pre-show for the final Follow us

The Rugby World Cup is currently taking place in France. Kick off of this new edition was given on September 8. And although the XV of France did not lack enthusiasm, desire and vitality, it was eliminated from the competition on the verge of the semi-final, on October 15, following the match played against South Africa. A difficult defeat to swallow for the French rugby team.

Antoine Dupont, the captain of the XV of France, shared his impressions regarding arbitration assured during the match.I don’t want to be the bitter person who complains about the refereeing because he lost the match, but I’m not sure that the refereeing was at the level of the issue today“, he declared, referring to a contested decision taken by a referee during the match.

Rugby World Cup: a juror from The Voice will put on the show before the final

France will therefore not play the final of the Rugby World Cup. The semi-finals will pit Argentina against New Zealand, as well as England against South Africa. The winners will compete for the final victory on October 28, 2023. And to ensure the show before the grand finaleit was a singer who served as a juror on the show The Voice who was chosen.

This is Mika, who was part of the tele-hook jury from 2014 to 2019. This announcement was recently made by World Rugby, through a press release. The interpreter of Relax will be accompanied by the choir of the Maîtrise Populaire of the Opéra-Comique for the occasion. Delighted to perform this service, Mika expressed his enthusiasm at the idea to perform in front of the public, this October 28. He notably made a statement on this subject. “I am delighted to be part of the 2023 Rugby World Cup final. The ambition of this show is to create a bubble of energy, love, color and joy with the children of the Maîtrise Populaire de l’Opéra-Comique, so that all the spectators can then fully enjoy the intensity of the finalists’ anthems and an exceptional rugby match”, he said.

Charmed: the reason for Shannen Doherty’s absence in the final episode Follow us

Charmed is a cult series from the 90s. Mainly for its trio of witch heroines camped first by Shannen Doherty (Prue), Alyssa Milano (Phoebe) And Holly Marie Combs (Piper). But if there is something else of worship in CharmedThose are the getting mad etcdiva aprices repeatedly from Shannen Doherty. So much so that the main actress of the first seasons left – or was fired, depending – from the famous show. This one doesn’t even appear in thefinal episode of the series during a nostalgia sequence desired by production. Explanations…

Brad Kernproducer of Charmed, speaks about the absence of Shannen Doherty in the final episode of the show. “I tried to make her appear in flashbacks or in photos like crazy.”, details the showrunner in an interview given to TVLine in 2016. “But the studio told me, although I was later told that it was false, that we had to pay a fee for Sannen per episode. Obviously, we couldn’t afford it.” Brad Kern adds that the studio dissuaded him from using a photo without Shannen Doherty’s consent. Even absent from the series, the actress made the producers of Charmed.

Charmed : witchcraft and old refrains

In fact, in the same interview, Brad Kern states that not having been able to include the character of Prue in the finale of Charmed, like a tribute, and after their quarrels, haunted him for a long time. He adds: “ We can’t end the series without paying tribute to Prue. But the leaders made it clear to us that it was either impossible to do or impossible to pay for. I had to make a choice. I had to choose between paying for a photo of Shannen or being able to bring back the performers of Patty, Penny Or Leo.” Upon arrival, the divorce between Shannen Doherty and Charmed was well consumed in 2001. That is to say a few years after the start of the series. It is also important to remember that a major rivalry between the actress and her playing partner, Alyssa Milano, did not help things settle down. Shannen Doherty also made a choice at the time. That of definitively slamming the door of Charmed, thus definitively burying his career on television. Or even his career altogether.