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Everything separates The Walking Dead And The Bridgerton Chronicles. The two series are part of radically different universes, exploring completely opposite genres. We can nevertheless be a fan of one or the other. It would also be fun to know if zombie hunters assiduously watch Shonda Rhimes' original creation, the third season of which will arrive on the Netflix platform next May. Andrew Lincoln, aka Rick Grimesmakes no secret of having binge-watched it for prepare to fight the undead in the spin-off dedicated to his character and Michonne (Danai Gurira), The One Who Liveswhich will begin broadcasting on February 25 on the American channel ABC.

These surprising Bridgerton fans

Invited to speak at a round table organized by the Television Critic's Association, the actor also famous for starring in the romantic comedy Love Actually made this very surprising revelation: We watched a lot of Bridgerton. This story has been in the making for a long time and I love this character and this love story. After all, the DNA of the first episode of The Walking Dead is a man in search of his family. Would the adaptation of Robert Kirkman's comics be “the most romantic series” of television history? The question deserves to be raised, according to the interpreter of Rick Grimes who underlined the crucial contribution of his partner on screen to give “the rhythm of this love story”. However, we doubt that the idea would come to a showrunner to propose a crossover between the two programs…

Why is Bridgerton season 3 already causing a lot of talk?

For the third chapter of The Bridgerton Chronicles, the writers decided to devote their attention to Colin, a character played by Luke Newton. The controversial choice did not put all fans in agreement. Some simply denounce it as a waste before even being able to watch season 3. Another production decision, however, brought some relief to their hearts. It was decided to hide a grossophobic plot which saw Colin Bridgerton fall under the spell of a Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) with a few pounds less. Despite everything, aficionados of the series would have preferred that the next round of episodes focused more on Benedict or Eloise. See you in spring on the platform at the red N!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: an actor from the series is dead Follow us

Hinton Battlethe Tony-winning artist who played the role of the Scarecrow in the play The Wiz (the musical adaptation of Wizard of Ozeditor’s note) on Broadway, is dead. He was 67 years oldwe can read this morning in the columns of the American magazine The Hollywood Reporter. The information is confirmed by the actress and dancer Debbie Allen (in the cast of the series SWAT) on Instagram. The actor died as a result ofa ” long illness ” on Tuesday, January 30 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. A relative specifies in a press release that his family does not wish to reveal the precise nature of the pathology. Hinton Battle leaves behind two sisters, Eddie and Lettie.

This unforgettable episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Years after winning his Tony Award for his role in the musical The Wiz on the stage on Broadway (reprised in the film adaptation by Michael Jackson opposite Diana Ross, editor's note), Hinton Battle delivered a memorable performance in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Fans of the series worn by Sarah Michelle Gellar have never forgotten her performance in the role of the “dancing demon” in a musical episode entitled Once more with feelings. We were also able to see in the cinema in other cult titles of the small screen like Tomorrow, front page, The angels of happiness, Smashed or Dwarf And Quantum Code. The multi-talented actor also released an album in the 80s. His stage career was rewarded with three Tony Awards.

This very touching tribute to the actor from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Shocked by Hinton Battle death, Debbie Allen wrote particularly poignant words to celebrate the memory of his colleague. “ Today I want to pay tribute to Hinton Battlemy dear friend who left us last night to dance and sing in the choir of God, begin the actress in the casting of Grey's Anatomy. He fought to live his life and have a creative impact on the public and young people around the world. Let us always keep him uppermost in our hearts and minds, and never forget his name.” The post published yesterday was greeted by a burst of equally poignant comments from Internet users who were also overcome with emotion: “What a terrible loss. All my thoughts are with his family”, “He was a legend of our time on Broadway”, “He will never be forgotten”

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Baywatch raises a black flag on the warm sandy beach. Jesse Jane, one of her performers, a renowned pornographic actress, has died. From his real name Cindy TaylorJesse Jane was a pornstar who managed, for a time, to play in more mainstream productions thanks to her busty physique and her acting talent. The body of the deceased was found alongside that of her boyfriend in their house. She died prematurely in tragic circumstances.

Jesse Jane and her inner demons

In fact, Jesse Jane was found lifeless alongside the body of her boyfriend Brett Hasenmueller at their marital home, in Oklahoma, this Wednesday, January 24, 2024. It was the police who made this macabre discovery. The police arrived at the home to carry out a routine check because neither Jesse Jane nor Brett Hasenmueller had given any sign of life for several days. It would seem, according to a police lieutenant, who testified in the New York Times, that the possibility of an overdose is strongly considered. As we write these lines, a forensic doctor must still corroborate this hypothesis after a autopsy in good standing of both bodies.

Jesse Jane or the porn star of the 2000s

Jesse Jane became interested in the porn industry after reading an article about pornstar Tera Patrick and Digital Playground porn studios. Excited by the idea of ​​starting a career in porn, she contacted Digital Playground then signed a exclusive contract with them. Like many porn performers before her, Jesse Jane has enjoyed dazzling success in this very codified environment. Note in particular his participation in the cult film Pirates 2: Scagnetti's Revengea very famous porn parody of Pirates of the Caribbeanreleased in 2005. She shares the bill with porn superstars like Katsuni, Sasha Gray or Stoya. Then, like other pornstars before her, Jesse Jane also tried a parallel career in mainstream entertainment.

A Brief Breakthrough into Mainstream Entertainment

Thus, Jesse Jane appears in non-pornographic series and TV films. Always in small roles, nevertheless. The most seasoned remember her in the satirical Hollywood series, Surroundingsin which she plays herself. A very funny mise en abyme in which she defends a film called Pussy Patrol (no need to translate this crazy title). Two years ago, we already found her in the spin-off TV movie from the cult series Baywatch, Baywatch – Wedding in Hawaiiwhere she is only credited as “Bikini girl” in the credits. Because this is also the fate of pornographic actresses outside the adult industry. They are most of the time – always? – confined to their advantageous physique and their somewhat separate profession. Jesse Jane is now deceased, she was only 43 years.

Walker Texas Ranger: this actor seen in the series is dead Follow us

This is sad news for fans of Seinfeld, available on Netflix. The media TMZ reports that actor Peter Crombie who played the crazy writer “Crazy” Joe Davola in the series gave up the ghost. “The actor died on Wednesday as a result ofan illness that took him away quickly, according to his ex-wife Nadine Kijner. We don’t know exactly what illness he was fighting. Other details concerning his death were not immediately revealed,” our colleagues indicate.. He was 71 years old and leaves behind a filmography of 35 titles.

There’s more to Peter Crombie’s career than Seinfeld. He has been seen playing other unforgettable characters in some of the most famous titles in television history, such as Larry and Balki, New York Judicial Police, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Murder diagnosis, Los Angeles Law And Walker, Texas Ranger. He also played regularly for Oliver Stone (Born on the 4th of July, The DoorsNatural Born Killers) in the 90s in addition to having dropped out a small role in Seven by David Fincher. His last appearance in the cinema dates back to the year 2000 in My dog ​​Skip, family comedy carried by the star of MalcolmFrankie Muniz.

This moving tribute to the actor seen in Walker Texas Ranger

As tributes pour in on social media, Peter Crombie’s ex-girlfriendNadine Kijne, had poignant words to announce the death of the actor on Instagram. “ It is in shock and with extreme sadness that I share with you the death of my ex-husband this morning. Thank you for all the wonderful memories and for being such a good man. Fly with freedom and without limits above the source of light, Peter. May you be welcomed with all the love of your parents, and of Oliver. So, so many people loved you because you were a gentle, generous, caring and creative soul. #petercrombie #transition #grief #love #joy #giving #RIP #peace #thank you #Yaleactors #compassion #angel,” can we read in his moving message. To console ourselves, we can always see again the series worn by Chuck Norris on the PlutoTV platform.

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When there are more, there are more. After the spin-offs Fear the Walking Dead, Dead Cityfocused on Maggie And Neganor even the eponymous one on Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead continues to weave its web. On February 25, 2024, the spin-off series about Rick and Michonne, titled The Ones Who Livewill be released in the United States. A show centered on the two heroes – and survivors – of the parent series. But Rick and Michonne are not the only returners in this spin-off. Attention, spoilers

In fact, the very serious American media Entertainment Weekly published a photo of The Ones Who Live on which we can see Pollyanna McIntosh aka Jadis. Who is that ? But if, remember, Jadis, the adjutant of the CRMcold and calculating villain, solitary and creepy, with a Miss France 2024 haircut. HAS unless it is the opposite! Her interpreter, Pollyanna McIntosh, returns to service in this future spin-off of TWD.

The Walking Dead : why this protagonist returns in the spin-off

The main interested party tease his return to The Ones Who Live : “That was always the plan because we wanted to see Rick, right? The question I've been asked the most in my everyday life for over four years is: 'But what did you do with Rick?'Scott Gimple, showrunner of this new spin-off series, tells EW:This new adventure pushes its story into the craziest and most unexpected corners.” Of teasing smoking in due form. But, we must admit that we can't wait to find Rick, Michonne but also Jadis, from now on. Small downside however: The Walking Dead – The Ones Who Live does not have a French release date set for the moment. Until then, you can binge the spinoff miniseries The Walking Dead – Daryl Dixonjust to be up to date and wait before the next spin-off of TWD.

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Fans of Grey’s Anatomy are looking gloomy a few days before celebrating the end of year holidays. Jack Axelrodthe actor who played the role of mob boss Victor Jerome in General Hospital (…) is dead. He was 93 years old“, revealed the American magazine Variety this Saturday, December 16, 2023. The actor’s representative Jennifer Garland reports that her client is dead “natural causes” on November 28 in Los Angeles, the city where he was born in the early 1950s. Jack Axelrod had performed Charlie Yost, aka the very very old gentleman », in seasons 3 and 4 of the famous medical series broadcast on ABC in the United States.

Nothing predestined Jack Axelrod to pursue a brilliant career as an actor. Before becoming an actor, he had in fact been corporal in the US Armyserving his country in Germany from February 1953 to February 1955. The University of Berkeley then opened its doors to him so thathe studied architecture there. With his diploma in hand, Jack Axelrod began practicing his profession in the mid-1960s. It was also during this period that he made his first steps on the stage in a staging of Macbeth on the fringes of Broadway. A year later, he would appear in a production of Gandhi. It wasn’t long before television began to interfere in his life.

Jack Axelrod didn’t just star in Grey’s Anatomy

From 1987 to 1989, Jack Axelrod played Victor Jerome in the series General Hospital broadcast on ABC across the Atlantic. We were also able to come across him in a host of cult programs on the small screen such as Dallas, Dynasty, Western coast, Everyone loves Raymond, AKA, Frasier, Malcolm, Scrubs, Hot in Cleveland, Gilmore Girls, Shameless, Ray Donovan, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, series recently in mourning by Andre Braugherand of course, Grey’s Anatomy. His filmography is also dizzying. The American actor began his career in comedy Bananas by Woody Allen, in 1971. His name appears in various and varied works such as Hancock (2008), Super 8 (2011), Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011), J.Edgar (2011), or The Lone Ranger (2013) before his retirement in 2020.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: an actor from the series is dead Follow us

This is sad news for fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. After The All Risks Agencyit’s the turn of the cult American series from the 2000s to lose one of its members. Camden Toys died at the age of 68 while battling pancreatic cancer. It was his partner, Bethany Henderson who announced the news. If some people don’t know who the show is about, that’s normal. The actor went through the makeup box for several hours since he played the most iconic demons of Buffy. He leaves behind him bereaved teams.

Sarah Michelle Gellaractress who plays the heroine in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, also wanted to pay tribute to him. The actress has several times had the opportunity to respond. Particularly when he played Narl, the skin eater or the vampire Turok-Han during the very last season. And it is always with pleasure that Camden Toys went to conventions around the series, in the company of his colleagues and friends. It is on his Instagram account that Sarah Michelle Gellar wanted to send a message to the actor who died of cancer. “It was an honor…”, she wrote in the caption of a photo from the show. Image in which we can see the actor, once again, in makeup.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer actor diagnosed with cancer

Camden Toys was carried away by illness. Aged 68, he was fighting against a pancreatic cancer for two years. On December 8, his partner, Bethany Henderson, spoke about his fragile state of health. “For many reasons, we were hopeful and believed we could have a longer and more fruitful time on this planet. […] Even the most recent challenges felt more like vague setbacks. Unfortunately, it seems we have reached the end of the road with the doctor’s treatment. His condition has deteriorated greatly over the past two months and enormously over the past few days.”, she wrote on Instagram. She must now face the grief of having lost her life partner. Terrible news for all fans of the series. But also for his bereaved loved ones.

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Andrew Braugherthe two-time Emmy-winning actor who starred in the hit television series Brooklyn Nine-Nine And Homicide: Life on the Street died Monday following a brief illness. He was 61 years old”announcement Variety this Tuesday, December 12, 2023. The magazine specifies that the information was confirmed by its press officer, Jennifer Allen. It was one of the most striking faces of the American audiovisual landscape of the last 30 years with an incredible filmography. He also leaves behind a wife, Ami Brabson, with whom he played in Homicideand three children.

Originally from Chicago, Andre Braugher landed his first film role in 1989 in glory by Edward Zwick, now available on Netflix. His career on the small screen also began in the late 80s with Kojak. It is the detective series Homicide which really propelled his career. He played Detective Frank Pembleton throughout six seasons, or around a hundred episodes. His performance earned him an Emmy nomination in 1996 and the award for Best Actor in a Drama Series two years later. We were also able to meet him in Dr. HouseNew York Special Unit or New Girl. However, for many he will remain the captain Ray Holt in the comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Ninea role for which he was nominated four times for Emmy Awards.

Andre Braugher’s career beyond Brooklyn Nine-Nine

A leading actor on the small screen in the United States, Andre Braugher has also cultivated a nice career in cinema. His filmography, which began at the turn of the 90s, has a total of around twenty titles. After glory, the actor tried his hand at diverse and varied registers. We could notably see this in Trap in troubled waters with Bruce Willis, Primal fear alongside Richard Gere, the cult The City of AngelsProhibited frequency with Dennis Quaid, the rereading of Poseidon by Wolfgang Petersen, Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer, The Mist, Salt And The Gambler. His last appearance on the big screen was last year in the highly successful She Said.

The All Risk Agency: an actor from the series is dead Follow us

Jack Hogan, a retired actor who starred in the drama series Fight! from 1962 to 1967, is died of natural causes on December 6 at his home on Bainbridge Island, Washington”announced his son, West, to the American magazine Varietythis Monday, December 11, 2023. He had 94 years old. The United States is losing one of the most iconic figures on the small screen. If he had played a GI in Europe during the Second World War in series Fight!he had actually been mobilized in Japan to take part in the Korean War in the early 1950s.

Originally from Chapel Hill, North Carolina in the United States, Jack Hogan started his film career in 1956. His filmography includes precisely five films, most of them B series. : The Bonnie Parker Story (1958), The paratroopers attack (1959), Say your prayer… Tom Dooley (1959), or even The Cat Burglar (1961). It is especially on television that he had distinguished himself from the 1960s. We could notably see it in The Broken Arrow (1958), Swirls (1958-1959), Bonanza (1961), The underworld barons (1962), The man with the rifle (1959-1962), Adventurers of the Far West (1962)…

Jack Hogan starred in The A-Team

In the mid-1960s, Jack Hogan dropped out the role that will really make him popular. From 1962 to 1967, he performed Private Kirby during 111 episodes in the cult series Fight!. Shortly after, the actor passes the ring on the finger of actress Joyce Nizzari, ex-Playmate became a time the personal assistant of Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion. The couple would give birth to a daughter and a son before separating in 1980. Jack Hogan continued his career in television, moving from Tarzan (1968) to Iron man (1968), The game’s rules (1969) then The man who was worth 3 billion (1974), Hawaii State Police (1973-1976), Kojak (1978), Magnum (1981-1982) or even The All Risks Agency (1985). His last appearance on television dates back to 1993 in the series Raven.

The Terminal List: an actor from the Prime Video series is dead Follow us

“Cedric was a loving father, devoted husband, caring son, brother, community leader and incredible friend who inspired others. He sincerely wanted everyone to become the best version of themselves. He was a gift“, we can read on Instagram since October 20. Cedric ‘Beastie’ Jones died on October 16 at the age of 46. If the causes of his death have not been officially revealed, our colleagues at Daily Mail argue that they would have been “sudden”. The actor and boxer seen in The Terminal List on Prime Video leaves behind a wife, Barbie, and three children, Brooklyn, Braxton and Bryston.

Cedric ‘Beastie’ Jones has demonstrated true acting talent during his all too short career in broadcasting. Prime Video subscribers remember seeing him in the casting of the series The Terminal List alongside Chris Pratt and Patrick Arnold Schwarzenegger. We were also able to meet him in the cinema in the remake of Seven Mercenaries with Denzel Washington but also in Rage in the stomacha boxing film by Antoine Fuqua carried by Jake Gyllenhall. Cedric ‘Beastie’ Jones recently shared the poster ofEmancipation (also directed by Antoine Fuqua) with Will Smith, available on Apple TV+ since the end of last year.

Celebrities pay tribute to The Terminal List actor.

Director Antoine Fuqua was one of the first to take to social media to share a moving message for the late Cedric ‘Beastie’ Jones. “RIP to my good brother and friend. You were always the light in the room and on set. We will miss you dearly and love you always. MAY THE WIND ALWAYS BE UNDER YOUR WINGS CHAMPION as you ascend to heaven. The dream team forever“, he wrote on Instagram in the comments of a video where we can see the actor. Also experienced, the author of The Terminal ListJack Carr, for his part invited Internet users to come and pay a final tribute to the boxer in his gym, Beastie Boxing, on October 22 and thus “support his wife and three children” in mourning.