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The Peaky Blinders haven’t given up yet. While rumors are circulating about the development of a spin-off of the series, a film will orchestrate the exit of Tomas Shelby. The project could even arrive faster than expected, as explained showrunner Steven Knight in an interview with Radio Times: I’m refining the script at the moment.. I sit down at my keyboard and leave. It’s a bit like having a dream to me. We sit there and let things happen. And then we read it again, and we say to ourselves “It’s pretty good, but where did I get that from? “. The idea is to start filming in mid-2024.

This condition posed cash by Cillian Murphy

In the meantime, fans are dreaming of seeing Cillian Murphy donning the Thomas Shelby costume again in the feature film Peaky Blinders. At the microphone of the Desert Island Discs show, the interpreter of Robert Oppenheimer set his conditions: “If there is more story to tell, and si Stephen Knight delivers a script like I know he can, then I will be there. I mean if we want to see 50-year-old Tommy Shelby, I’ll be there.”. The actor will soon return to Netflix in a radically different role. He will be involved in his first feature film as a producer. His company Big Things Film, co-founded with Alan Moloney, will finance the adaptation of the novel Shy by Max Porter, the story of a violent school dropout who finds himself in a residence for juvenile delinquents threatened with closure.

This other ambitious project from the creator of Peaky Blinders

Involved in the time-consuming writing of Peaky Blinders, Steven Knight has already had the opportunity to dabble in cinema. In 2019, he wrote the script and directed Serenity with Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway. If he should not direct the film derived from the series led by Cillian Murphy, the showrunner will sign the script for the next chapter of the saga Star Wars on the big screen, New Jedi Order, with Daisy Ridley in Rey Returns, aka the last of the Skywalkers. In the meantime, we will find his name in the credits of Maria, the new film by Pablo Larraín with Angelina Jolie. We will be following all of this very closely in the coming months!

Harry Potter (HBO): Cillian Murphy (Peaky Blinders) in a cult role? Follow us

The future series Harry Potter produced by HBO Max has already caused a lot of ink to flow. The project is not even at the pre-production stage yet, but Potterheads have made it clear that they do not want such a reboot. Impossible, even unthinkable, to remake the cult cinematographic saga, in serial format. Otherwise, Avada Kedavra !

In fact, HBO Max has expressed the (interesting) wish to adapt each original book by JK Rowling into a separate season. That’s seven seasons. Even with this strong argument, Potterheads have not lowered their wands. The latest information? A rumor says that Cillian Murphy, aka Tommy Shelby in Peaky Blinderscould play a cult role in the future series Harry Potter.

Harry Potter : Cillian Murphy as You-Know-Who?

Thus, rumors from the corridors claim that Cillian Murphy would have been approached to play Lord Voldemort in the series Harry Potter started by HBO Max. Obviously, at the moment, and at the time of writing these lines, this rumor should be taken with a grain of salt. Nothing of the sort has been confirmed by the streaming platform of the American channel HBO. Or by Cillian Murphy himself. At the same time, the Irish actor is not at all a fan of social networks and never communicates about his projects or roles outside of interviews. In a few clicks, we discover that this rumor comes from an account X (formerly Twitter) Turkish with nearly 1 million subscribers who shares content related to cinema and series. And then that’s all. For the moment, HBO Max has not communicated anything about the future series Harry Potter. So stay tuned but prefer The Quibbler rather than The Daily Prophet or signed items Rita Skeeter. Or just follow us all on Melty.