The Bridgertons Chronicle: this very surprising link with The Walking Dead Follow us

Everything separates The Walking Dead And The Bridgerton Chronicles. The two series are part of radically different universes, exploring completely opposite genres. We can nevertheless be a fan of one or the other. It would also be fun to know if zombie hunters assiduously watch Shonda Rhimes' original creation, the third season of which will arrive on the Netflix platform next May. Andrew Lincoln, aka Rick Grimesmakes no secret of having binge-watched it for prepare to fight the undead in the spin-off dedicated to his character and Michonne (Danai Gurira), The One Who Liveswhich will begin broadcasting on February 25 on the American channel ABC.

These surprising Bridgerton fans

Invited to speak at a round table organized by the Television Critic's Association, the actor also famous for starring in the romantic comedy Love Actually made this very surprising revelation: We watched a lot of Bridgerton. This story has been in the making for a long time and I love this character and this love story. After all, the DNA of the first episode of The Walking Dead is a man in search of his family. Would the adaptation of Robert Kirkman's comics be “the most romantic series” of television history? The question deserves to be raised, according to the interpreter of Rick Grimes who underlined the crucial contribution of his partner on screen to give “the rhythm of this love story”. However, we doubt that the idea would come to a showrunner to propose a crossover between the two programs…

Why is Bridgerton season 3 already causing a lot of talk?

For the third chapter of The Bridgerton Chronicles, the writers decided to devote their attention to Colin, a character played by Luke Newton. The controversial choice did not put all fans in agreement. Some simply denounce it as a waste before even being able to watch season 3. Another production decision, however, brought some relief to their hearts. It was decided to hide a grossophobic plot which saw Colin Bridgerton fall under the spell of a Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) with a few pounds less. Despite everything, aficionados of the series would have preferred that the next round of episodes focused more on Benedict or Eloise. See you in spring on the platform at the red N!

The Chronicle of the Bridgertons: an actress gives a big rant against Netflix Follow us

Fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of season 3 of The Bridgerton Chronicles. Unfortunately, one of the actresses from the series will not return. It is Ruby Barker, aka Marina Thompson, introduced in a very scandalous way in season 1. In fact, her character is pregnant, secretly, because she is not married. Of course, to avoid any controversy, she must under no circumstances warn anyone of her “condition”. While we thought that his story would finally evolve in season 3, that is not the case! Fact, her interpreter announced that she would not be back in the next episodes.

Is fragile mental health to blame? Ruby Barker indeed confided that she had suffered from two nervous breakdowns during the filming of The Bridgerton Chronicles. “It was a place of torment for me. Because my character was withdrawn, ostracized and alone with these terrible circumstances”confides the interpreter of Marina Thompson in the LOAF Podcast. Before adding: “When I went to the hospital after filming season 1, my condition was covered up and kept a secret. Because the series was about to begin”. In fact, according to the testimony of the 26-year-old actress, her depressions began in the year 2020, a few months before the release of the very first season. A hard blow for the actress who subsequently saw no support from Netflixnor teams of Shondaland.

Ruby Barker (The Bridgerton Chronicles) Netflix pin

Quickly, Ruby Barker expressed his thoughts regarding Netflix. Explaining that the streaming platform had not given her any support following the depression she suffered during filming. “Not a single person from Netflix, nor a single person from Shondaland, since I had two mental breakdowns, has contacted me. Or even emailed me to ask if I was okay or if I needed care or support. Person “. A huge blow for the actress who had bet a lot on The Bridgerton Chronicles. The young woman also added: “My life was changing dramatically overnight and yet there was still no support. And there still hasn’t been one in all this time. So I was really trying to act like everything was okay. That I could work and it wasn’t a problem.” Is this why Ruby Barker announced her departure from the series?