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Summary of episode 861 ofHere it all begins broadcast Wednesday February 14, 2024 on TF1. Berenice has been troubled since the kiss she exchanged with Carla. The young woman runs away from her and she no longer knows which way to dance. Solal fears that Carla will play games with her friend, as she has done with others. But in reality, Carla is afraid of living this love story with Bérénice. She goes to the Teyssier and asks her to go to the Valentine’s Day party together. Carla then admits to Bérénice that she is not running away from her because she is not interested in her but rather because she has a secret to reveal to her… Carla has never had a relationship with a woman and fears this novelty. Bérénice reassures her: they will go at their own pace.

Antoine and Pénélope get to know each other

Pink And Anthony go to the meeting place given by the mysterious package, actually made by Hortense. When they meet again, they clear up any misunderstanding and Hortense sends them a voice message apologizing for wanting to play matchmaker. They have fun and celebrate their friendship by toasting with a glass of champagne. Antoine and Rose have managed to find a real balance in their relationship now. Later, the deputy director of the Auguste Armand Institute goes to a café and comes across Penelope who is desperate for the man she had a date with. Antoine comes to the rescue and pretends to be her husband. Finally, the student and the vice-principal spend the evening together.

Jasmine weakened

Jasmine confess to Kelly that Jimmy kissed her. She is convinced that if she ends up with Thibault alone for Valentine’s Day, she will have to confess everything to him. She doesn’t know how to keep secrets… Kelly therefore suggests that she organize an anti-Valentine’s Day party at the shared apartment. Jasmine jumps at the opportunity to cancel her dinner with Thibault. Meanwhile, the Valentine’s Day menus are a real success at Double A. Teyssier is surprised and notices a big change in Jasmine’s dessert. He immediately suspects that it comes fromIris. At the end of the meal, the young chef confirmed this and found that the sommelier’s suggestion was particularly appropriate. But Teyssier is angry, he doesn’t want it to take up too much space. However, Iris does indeed offer to lead a course on food and wine pairings.

Later, Jasmine hears Iris talking on the phone with someone who she assures that she can carry out her plan once she gains someone’s trust. Jasmine suspects that Iris is talking about her and shares this information with Jim. The young man is angry: he has the impression that Jasmine wants to spoil her mother’s return to their family. But that’s not the case. He demands that she not tell Thibault any more. Later, the party is in full swing at the shared accommodation. Jim and Maya kiss directly, in front of Jasmine who sees her jealousy growing…

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Summary of episode 858 ofHere it all begins broadcast Friday February 9, 2024 on TF1. Anthony receives Iris to have her sign her contract as a sommelier teacher. She asks him if Teyssier validated his profile, but the director of the Institute entrusted him with the mission of hiring a new professor and confirmed his confidence in him. Iris is annoyed, she has a personal grievance with Teyssier and would have preferred to be certain that the latter had no problem hiring her. But the agreement is made and Iris can hire as soon as possible! Later, Teyssier understands that Antoine has chosen Iris as a candidate. But now, the latter is very good at creating stories around herself and is extremely wary. Without revealing to Antoine why he fears her, he does not hide from her that he is quite concerned. In the evening, Marc, Jim, Thibault and Jasmine are having dinner together at the Leroy home when someone knocks on the door. It’s Iris! Jim jumps for joy: Iris is his mother. The reaction of Thibault and Marc is much more measured…

Hortense has a plan…

Hortense has everything planned for Valentine’s Day: she booked a yurt in the countryside, planned the best dishes for Mehdi and even a private cinema screening. The young chef and professor is impatient. Mehdi can’t help but notice her but there he is, he’s already booked for Valentine’s Day. He has to stay with his mother who is having eye surgery. Hortense is terribly disappointed and the problem is that she has already paid everything and cannot get a refund. She decides to draw up a list of couples at the Institute and think about who she can offer it to, when she has an idea! She will offer it to Anthony And Pink so that they can mend their ways.

Bérénice and Carla kiss

Teyssier is very proud of the brigade Berenice. While the young woman receives praise from all the chefs, Teyssier sees immense potential in her more than ever. He shares his feeling with Constancy and the latter thanks him for having pushed her to assert herself. He still admits that he must be careful not to awaken his school phobia at the risk of lastingly weakening it. For his part, Carla no longer responds to messages from Bérénice and confides in Pink. She admits to him that she realizes that she has feelings for Bérénice. Rose pushes her to tell him about it at the risk of breaking their bond for good. Bérénice finds Carla and apologizes for confessing her feelings to her but Carla interrupts and kisses her.

Ethan leaves the Institute

Ethan announces to Teyssier and his mother that he is leaving the Institute and stopping cooking. An argument breaks out: his mother can’t bear the idea of ​​him stopping. But the young man made his decision. He can no longer cook with his mother’s evil shadow. He no longer enjoys cooking and prefers to restart his life differently. Teyssier respects his decision even if he thinks that he could have become a great chef thanks to his finesse and his work.

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Summary of episode 831 ofHere it all begins broadcast Tuesday January 2, 2024 on TF1. After weeks of being rejected by Carla, Pink finally found the words to convince her to open the door for him.

The director of the Master's program once again proposed an activity to her biological daughter and the latter sent her off to the roses. But Berenice And Souleymane made Carla realize that she needed to take a step towards her.

Mother and daughter drank coffee in the Institute park. The opportunity for Rose to discover the very critical mind of her offspring. While Claire comes to see them, Carla takes the opportunity to shoot her down once she leaves. A technique for venting her annoyances that she intends to pass on to her mother.

Deva gets seriously injured

A selection of students are confronted with the test designed by Clotilde And Mark Leroy. They have to cook in the open fields surrounded by bulls. During this test, Deva is destabilized by David. Once again, the student does not look normal.

The young cook ends up unintentionally injuring her hand. She bleeds a lot but manages to finish her ordeal and impress the two leaders. A pride that does not prevent him from suffering.

Later, she joined Lionel And Jasmine. They are worried about his hand. When she shows them the cut she made, they invite her to go to the hospital as soon as possible… She is indeed in a bad state.

Clotilde is devastated

Clotilde and Joachim separated themselves. After a new argument about the carpenter's desire to have children, the realization came: they no longer have anything to do together. If Clotilde loves Joachim more than anything, she does not see herself reliving motherhood even through adoption.

For his part, Joachim is unable to give up this paternity project. He dreams of having a child. And at the same time, he wanted to live his dream with chef Armand… Plunged into sadness, he received support from Penelope.

The latter, who cares a lot about the handyman, hears his pain but insists: Clotilde loves him enormously and she is convinced that they will succeed in finding a solution. But Joachim is defeatist, he thinks he simply has to move on…

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Summary of episode 796 ofHere it all beginsbroadcast Wednesday November 15 on TF1. Jasmine (Zoï Séverin) is always concerned about the balance between her career as a chef and her life as a mother. The young woman must give up a revision session with Thibault (Félix Pacaut) and Jimmy (Joan Becmont).

She had in fact planned to participate in a musical awareness workshop with Nael to the nursery. She must make a choice. At the moment, she prefers to focus on her relationship with her son whom she has not seen for a month, because of her mission in Shanghai.

The chef Guinot (Catherine Marchal) notices his absence. The latter questions Thibault. The young student explains Jasmine’s hesitations to him. Claire decides to speak with Jasmine. She explains to him that she was able to pursue her career while raising her son, Louis.

The young chef can do the same, she’s sure. However, Jasmine no longer feels any pleasure in cooking. She only thinks about her son and no longer feels any enthusiasm. The boss offers him to join the brigade of Salome (Aurélie Pons) in her concept of a restaurant without a menu.

Jasmine accepts! For his part, Thibault asks Jim to be more tender with the latter. She needs support and certainly not his judgments. He promises his brother to make an effort.

Clotilde lies to Joachim

Joachim realizes that Clotilde (Elsa Lunghini) is working with Mark (Stéphane Blancafort) on his seminar project with Master’s students. He really likes his concept of hybrid cuisine.

But Joachim notices something that bothers him: Clotilde chose to be helped by Marc and not by him. The boss tries to explain to him that he invited himself into her work session and that he helped her a lot. Joachim has difficulty accepting his explanations. He is jealous.

While he asks Clotilde if anything has ever happened between Marc and her, she lies and assures him that no. For his part, Teyssier (Benjamin Baroche) does not think Clotilde capable of energizing the Master’s students. He would prefer it to be him who leads the seminar.

Carla unpacks the truth

Carla (Aaricia Lemaire) and Souleymane (Dembo Camilo) have a conversation. She explains to him that she pushed him aside for fear of hurting him by talking about the search for his own biological parents. Unfortunately, the issue is no longer on the agenda.

Her birth record was destroyed in a flood. She also explains to him that she sees him as a brother and not as a boyfriend. If he suffers the blow, Souleymane shows elegance and listens to his needs.

Carla’s parents leave the Institute, they thank Anthony (Frédéric Diefenthal) for his great kindness. One last element bothers them: Carla is going to experience her pregnancy at boarding school, which is not the most comfortable.

Antoine then offers to welcome her into his home, still thinking that she is in a relationship with Souleymane. Carla accepts. While Antoine is delighted to soon become a grandfather, Carla sets things straight: this whole story with Souleymane was a lie…

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Summary of episode 793Here it all beginsbroadcast on Friday November 10 on TF1. Souleymane wants to tell the whole truth to his father, once the parents of Carla will be gone. In the vegetable garden, he reveals Pink that he is not the baby’s father. Her ex-mother-in-law promises not to say anything until the young woman’s parents leave but emphasizes that Carla made the decision, alone, to keep the baby and that she does not have to drag Souleymane into this story. .

At the lunch break, Rose puts pressure on Carla. The latter turns to Berenice who reveals to him that Rose has a special history with motherhood. In particular, she tells him about her recent failed IVF attempt. According to her, Rose must be jealous to see Carla pregnant. The young woman then has an idea… Later, she begins to cry in front of Hortense and tells her that Rose is picking on her because she is pregnant. Made aware of this situation, Anthony blames Rose for picking on Carla. The Armand daughter blames the blow. At the end of the day, Rose joins Carla at the park and accuses her of having used her failed IVF to pass herself off as a victim. She adds that the first year is a toxic person and will never be a good mother. In the middle of an argument, Carla starts to bleed…

Jasmine in full doubt, Jude falls into alcohol

Back from China, Jasmine thinks she cannot reconcile her career as a chef and her role as a mother. Thibault talks to her about her father to try to convince her that it is possible. Jimmy intervenes and reminds his brother of their father’s numerous absences. Teyssier summons the students to tell them that the end-of-term evaluations will take place at the end of the month. Surprise, the grade will count for half of their year’s final grade. The director takes the opportunity to put pressure on Jasmine. He expects her to be valedictorian. Jasmine lacks motivation but lets herself be convinced by the Leroy brothers who offer her three-person revision sessions.

Jude wants Teyssier to supervise his Master’s project. But the young man lacks self-confidence and is destroyed by the director who does not even take the time to taste the dessert he had made. Upon entering the commissary, he catches David drinking corks of alcohol. According to him, drinking a small dose of alcohol every two hours allows him to forget his anxiety attacks. Jude lets himself be tempted by this experience.

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Summary of episode 775 ofHere it all beginsbroadcast on TF1, Tuesday October 17, 2023. Hortense (Catherine Davydzenka) doubts herself. She knows it: the first year students are not convinced by her teaching methods.

She shares her doubts with the boss Olivia Listrac (Virginia Caliari). But the latter reminds him how his singularity is a strength. According to her, Hortense must persevere in her teaching method and trust herself. The students will end up understanding that despite her atypical method, the chef is a teacher full of technique and surprises.

Back in class, Hortense puts the students to the test by asking them to cook with a very particular cooking method. Students must manipulate a wok with one hand while adding ingredients with the other.

She advised them to practice managing two things at the same time by juggling a ping-pong paddle. Penelope (Laurence Facelina) took the head’s advice seriously, unlike other students. Result: she succeeds perfectly in the exercise while Jim (Loan Becmont) finds himself thrown off course. The students finally understand that Hortense knows what she is doing.

Bad image

Carla (Aaricia Lemaire) continues to get noticed for the wrong reasons. In class with the boss Claire Guinot (Catherine Marchal), she missed a dish. The teacher offers to give her a few more hours so that she can start the exercise again and be able to present a more successful dish.

But there you go, the young woman is on diving duty at Double A. She manages to ask Souleymane (Dembo Camilo) to replace her in the dive. But the former manager of the vegetable garden is very clear: she despises him most of the time and only speaks to him to ask him for a favor.

Carla reworks her dish to present it to Claire Guinot, but in the meantime, Pink (Vanessa Demouy) notices that the young woman has not come to do the washing as planned. Result: the Double A kitchens are in poor condition. The director of the Master’s degree is uncompromising and does not accept the young student’s excuses. Carla gets one more week of diving.

A hectic service

Hippolyte is the replacement for Lisandro (Agustin Galiana). But the latter still has to prove itself to Teyssier (Benjamin Baroche). Supported by Lisandro but also Rose (Vanessa Demouy), he agrees to do the work of his talent in a single service.

To assist him, he chooses against all odds David (Liam Hellman). Deva (Kathy Packianathan) takes the blame. She finds it sexist, as noted Billie (Margaux Aguilar) and Laëtitia (Florence Coste), to dismiss Deva because she is a woman.

But Hippolyte doesn’t care. Unfortunately, the service is going very poorly. The ordering software crashes and orders arrive late, out of order or even to the wrong tables. The customers complain and Lisandro struggles to catch up with David.

After the service, Hippolyte summons the students. He announces to Billie and Leonard (Thomas Vilan) that they will have a 0/20 in their average. Furthermore, the man is convinced that the software failure is sabotage. David denounces himself and stuns Deva…