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Summary of episode 864 ofHere it all begins broadcast Monday February 19, 2024 on TF1. Malik must admit… He has felt very alone sinceAmber left, leaving him behind. The young man has had no history for months and seems discouraged. After a discussion with Billie, he seems to be considering meeting again even without it leading to a story. And he is ready to take an example from his partner, Leonard. The young man feels ready to love someone else since the departure ofEthan. He seems to have caught the eye of the wedding planner he works for at the moment. And this is reciprocal! The two young men exchange unmistakable glances. During the tasting, Malik notices the wedding planner’s assistant and he seems to like her a lot…

Bérénice takes the lead

Berenice is very disappointed. When she looks at the schedule of services at Double A, she is hardly there. And for good reason, the remark made to Anaïs on her way of speaking in the kitchen seems to have grilled her. But Bérénice is no longer the same. The baking tournament strengthened her a lot. She now feels ready to experience service in the kitchen but Anaïs does not want to take her back. Bérénice insists and asks him to give her one last chance. If she doesn’t do the job, she won’t ask him anything more. Anaïs accepts and is impressed by the progress that the young woman has made in the space of a few weeks.

Jasmine and Jim are carried away by their love

Jimmy breaks up with Maya during the day. He realizes that he must not make the young woman hope. He is not in love with her and makes it clear to her. If Maya is disappointed, Jim seems to have made the right decision. For his part, since his breakup with Jasmine, Thibault asks herself serious questions about her relationship with Jim. This morning he thought he was strange when he brought up the subject at breakfast. Thibault will therefore ask questions to Kelly And Lionel on this subject. But the couple plays the game and brushes aside Thibault’s doubts.

Later, Jim goes to Jasmine’s house. She asks him what he is doing there… The young man needs her to tell him once and for all that nothing will happen between them. He needs to move on, but Jasmine can’t tell him that. She is troubled by him and cannot deny it. Jim and Jasmine kiss each other languidly and undress.

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Summary of episode 858 ofHere it all begins broadcast Friday February 9, 2024 on TF1. Anthony receives Iris to have her sign her contract as a sommelier teacher. She asks him if Teyssier validated his profile, but the director of the Institute entrusted him with the mission of hiring a new professor and confirmed his confidence in him. Iris is annoyed, she has a personal grievance with Teyssier and would have preferred to be certain that the latter had no problem hiring her. But the agreement is made and Iris can hire as soon as possible! Later, Teyssier understands that Antoine has chosen Iris as a candidate. But now, the latter is very good at creating stories around herself and is extremely wary. Without revealing to Antoine why he fears her, he does not hide from her that he is quite concerned. In the evening, Marc, Jim, Thibault and Jasmine are having dinner together at the Leroy home when someone knocks on the door. It’s Iris! Jim jumps for joy: Iris is his mother. The reaction of Thibault and Marc is much more measured…

Hortense has a plan…

Hortense has everything planned for Valentine’s Day: she booked a yurt in the countryside, planned the best dishes for Mehdi and even a private cinema screening. The young chef and professor is impatient. Mehdi can’t help but notice her but there he is, he’s already booked for Valentine’s Day. He has to stay with his mother who is having eye surgery. Hortense is terribly disappointed and the problem is that she has already paid everything and cannot get a refund. She decides to draw up a list of couples at the Institute and think about who she can offer it to, when she has an idea! She will offer it to Anthony And Pink so that they can mend their ways.

Bérénice and Carla kiss

Teyssier is very proud of the brigade Berenice. While the young woman receives praise from all the chefs, Teyssier sees immense potential in her more than ever. He shares his feeling with Constancy and the latter thanks him for having pushed her to assert herself. He still admits that he must be careful not to awaken his school phobia at the risk of lastingly weakening it. For his part, Carla no longer responds to messages from Bérénice and confides in Pink. She admits to him that she realizes that she has feelings for Bérénice. Rose pushes her to tell him about it at the risk of breaking their bond for good. Bérénice finds Carla and apologizes for confessing her feelings to her but Carla interrupts and kisses her.

Ethan leaves the Institute

Ethan announces to Teyssier and his mother that he is leaving the Institute and stopping cooking. An argument breaks out: his mother can’t bear the idea of ​​him stopping. But the young man made his decision. He can no longer cook with his mother’s evil shadow. He no longer enjoys cooking and prefers to restart his life differently. Teyssier respects his decision even if he thinks that he could have become a great chef thanks to his finesse and his work.

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Summary of episode 853Here it all begins broadcast Thursday February 1, 2024 on TF1. Berenice is very tense. It’s the day she presents her three desserts to the teachers at the Auguste Armand Institute in anticipation of the pastry tournament which is fast approaching. The young woman is sure of herself but the boss Cardone keeps coming to contradict her in her own kitchen. When she gives instructions to her clerks, the young woman is taken back by her mother.Ethan on his technique. She manages to stand up to him and asserts herself with Ethan’s support. Earlier, Carla spoke with her biological mother, Rose Latour. She explained to him her reaction to the announcement of Bérénice’s homosexuality. And Rose Latour does not hesitate to demonstrate to Carla how violent and indelicate she was with Bérénice. The young woman who usually struggles to question herself suddenly understands that she has been very hurtful to her friend. She agrees that she needs to apologize but can’t find the time to do so before the presentation of Bérénice’s signature pastries begins.

A romance she wanted to keep secret

While the presentation goes perfectly, Bérénice invites the chefs to discover her recipes in paper format but someone has replaced them with her sensual short story telling a love story between two women. The young woman is petrified and leaves the kitchen. A few hours later, the mysterious person, who could well be Cardone, spread extracts of this news throughout the Institute. The students delight in reading Bérénice’s prose and the young woman breaks down in tears. She can count on Constancy to get rid of it but unfortunately Tommy kept a copy. And he thinks he has found who Bérénice is talking about in his short story: Rose Latour.

Billie ready to take off for Switzerland

From the start of the day, Stanislas announces to her students that a recruiter from a prestigious palace in Geneva is going to come and admire their work to offer one of them an exceptional internship. Billie quickly catches the eye of the recruiter who can’t help but notice the warmth and seriousness of the young student. She offers her the internship and Billie immediately accepts! Later, while discussing this internship with Stanislas, the recruiter mentions Billie’s skin color and congratulates the Institute for opening its doors to more diversity. She suggests that this is what she lacks in her team, and Stanislas doesn’t know how to react…

Laëtitia no longer knows what to do

It’s been weeks since Laëtitia visits Maya, Stanislas’s wife. While Kelly asked her not to go there again at the risk of finding herself once again in a difficult situation, Laëtitia persists and accompanies Stanislas to the bedside of the young woman in a coma. But when she is there, Laëtitia is uncomfortable, she realizes that she has no place in this hospital. She returns to the Institute but does not admit to Kelly the real reason for her decision not to return to the hospital again.

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Summary of episode 847 ofHere it all begins broadcast Wednesday January 24, 2024 on TF1. Lionel ask Jimmy a service to troubleshoot it. In fact, the young chef has to go to a supplier but has also promised that he will bring three cases of wine to Double A from the cellar. A mission that he does not want to give to Kelly because the boxes may be a little heavy. When Jim goes to the cellar, agreeing to do Lionel a favor, he is locked up. Lionel has decided to get revenge for his Halloween gag. But then, Kelly's boyfriend hadn't noticed that Jasmine was taking inventory. Result: the two young people who avoid each other at all costs find themselves forced to spend some time together. Jim tries to get information from Jasmine about her feelings but the young mother can't wait to get out. Lionel finally comes to open the door for them. The young man is surprised by Jasmine's disproportionate reaction… Kelly later explains to him that she and Jim have a somewhat unusual relationship.

Claire against all

At the faculty meeting, Clear addresses the subject of Louis. She explains to her colleagues that he could get out of prison if he found stable work. This is a condition imposed by the judge. She receives support from Pink who votes for the reinstatement of Louis within the Auguste Armand Institute. But the rest of the teachers don't support her, not even Hortense. Claire is very surprised. Angry, she criticizes Hortense for letting herself be manipulated by Teyssier, who did his work a few days earlier. She also assures him that she can count on her to never do him any favors again. Claire is destroyed and when she returns, she blames Olivia not to support her. The latter explains to him that she does not think that reinstating Louis is a good idea. On the phone with Louis, she tells him the bad news but Claire makes him a promise: she will have Teyssier fired if necessary but she will do everything so that he can come back to work at school.

Bérénice, ups and downs

Berenice exchange with Constancy about feelings budding for Carla, Rose's daughter. Her half-sister understands that it is complex to confess her love to her, especially because Bérénice does not want to take the risk of losing her friend. Constance offers to talk to him about his homosexuality first. But Bérénice fears that this will be too big a surprise for her friend. She fears his judgments. Later, Carla suggests to Bérénice that she have a femme fatale makeover on the occasion of her birthday. Livio. Bérénice is magnificent and she sees her hopes reborn with a game initiated by the students: truth or dare. Carla admits that she once had a relationship with a girl. This reassures Bérénice a lot. But a little later, the pledge returns to Carla and it is for her to kiss Livio. She seems to have fun doing it. Bérénice is disappointed.

At the same time, Bérénice shone during the Saint-Honoré event. She gave great ideas to Ethan allowing it to stand out. But the young man finally admits to his mother that it was Bérénice who had given him all these ideas. Chef Cardone came back and did not fail to verbally tackle her son. At the same time, she finds the Saint-Honoré that Bérénice made all by herself and tastes it…