Demain Nous Belongs in advance of Monday November 6, 2023 on TF1: Luna tries a poker game, Alex hesitates Follow us

Summary of episode 1550 of Tomorrow belongs to us, broadcast on Monday November 6 on TF1. Since the departure of Judith (Alice Varela), Alex (Alexandre Brasseur) is going through a period of transition. His wife, Chloe Delcourt (Ingrid Chauvin) was not given a new position in national education after the collapse of the Agnès Varda high school. He tries as best he can to occupy it.

For his part, the oyster farmer had left control of the management of the Mas to his daughter, Judith. But now, after his breakup with Jordan (Maxime Lélue), the young woman took off on a three-month road trip to America. Since then, he has had to manage the Mas again alone.

And it is very difficult to renew itself. He changed the decoration of the Mas thinking he could attract new customers for tastings. But it didn’t work. While he lamented not finding clients to bring his Mas to life, Alex received a visit from Tristan (Mathieu Alexandre) and Gilles (Laurent Gamelon).

His two friends are ready to help him. The former boss of Spoon even has some ideas to submit to him. He is convinced that decoration will not be enough. Alex should offer a tapas menu to attract more people for dinner. If he was doubtful, Alex let himself be carried away by Tristan’s enthusiasm. But the oyster farmer isn’t really sure of himself…

An unforgettable Halloween

The teenagers are still locked up since Halloween night. They are physically and mentally exhausted. While investigators struggle to find their trace, Luna (Paloma Reynaud) wants to try a poker game. The young woman is determined to get out of this nightmare-like escape game as quickly as possible.

May she be followed in her enthusiasm by Dorian (Rayane Huber), Nathan (Adrien Gabeulet), Camille (Elisa Ezzedine) and Lizzie (Juliette Malibat) or not, the young woman who worked at La paillote will leave this place at all costs!

Bart makes a decision

Bart (Hector Langevin) has experienced many dramas in recent weeks. After being found by Adele (Aliénor Bouvier) in bed with another woman, the boss of the Spoon was the target of brake sabotage. He had a serious car accident and ended up in a coma. All because of Adèle’s sister whose existence he didn’t know, Eloise !

Since waking up from his coma, the young man has only one thing in mind: finding Adèle and protecting her. But then, when she discovered that her sister was behind the murder of her ex-partner, that of her friend Fabio and the sabotage of Bart’s car, Adèle had a heated conversation with her.

Eloïse could not deny her involvement. The two sisters fell from the balcony of Adèle’s apartment. If Eloïse was able to wake up a few hours after the incident, Adèle is in a coma. Once again, the evil twin has fooled everyone by pretending to be Adele.

Bart returned to the apartment with her, convinced that it was Adèle. Since then, he has always been disturbed. Even if he dreams of resuming a normal life, new difficulties await him. Recommended by Roxane (Raphaële Volkoff), Bart makes the decision to move Adèle’s workshop…

Such great sunshine in advance of Tuesday October 31, 2023 on France 2: Janet presents for Sylvio, Sabine meets Alex Follow us

Summary of episode 1266Such a big sunbroadcast on Tuesday October 31 on France 2. After the death of Jessicathe father Sylvio (Marcel Gonzalez) is upset. He knows he can find comfort in Janet (Tonya Kinzinger).

For months, and particularly during his hospitalization, the man of faith has been able to build bonds of trust with the doctor. Together, they formed a true friendship, even at the risk of fueling the jealousy of Becker.

The latter understands: she feels the same thing when she loses a patient. Father Sylvio would like to be able to help the justice system but none of the homeless people he knows want to inform him of Jessica’s company.

For his part, Aubert (Frédéric Pellegeay) is not worried by the opening of an investigation into Jessica’s death. His goal remains the same: for his business to grow and for them to go far away to live in the sun.

Commissioner Becker (Yvon Back) obtained a letter rogatory from the judge to be able to follow Aubert. He is convinced that by monitoring his every move, he will be able to catch him in the act.

After speaking with Father Sylvio, who expressed his dismay, Christopher (Hubert Benhamdine) goes to Aubert’s nursery and buys him a carnivorous plant. Quite a symbol in the eyes of his children…

Sabine gets a taste for life again

After difficult months of feeling manipulated, Sabine (Gaëla Le Devehat) gradually picks up the thread of her life. She continues to give private lessons to Hugo (Bibi Tanga). An opportunity for the professor and the forensic doctor to get to know each other. But Sabine seems to have her mind elsewhere.

After class, she accepts the offer ofEve (Emma Colberti) to go have a drink with Manu (Moses Santamaria) and Alex (Benjamin Bourgois). Even if Manu doesn’t want to force their hand, Sabine has a nice time and learns more about Alex.

While Johanna (Aurore Delplace) calls him, she explains to him that she is enjoying an evening which is doing her a lot of good. She hadn’t felt this good in a long time!