After long months of waiting, the trailer for the final episodes of Supernatural has been unveiled by the CW and promises many twists and turns.

The adventures of the Winchester brothers soon come to an end … After fifteen seasons of good and loyal service, Dean and Sam will retire from the supernatural forces. This season 15 of Supernatural has been put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic but will return on October 8 on The CW. This final straight line promises to be thrilling and overwhelming as the trailer for these final episodes proves to us … Between tears, love, complicity and a touch of humor, fans should be delighted with the turn of events. In any case, this trailer for the last seven episodes of season 15 of supernatural puts us in awe.

The duo ready to say goodbye!
The duo ready to say goodbye! – Credit (s): Jack Rowand / The CW

This trailer for season 15 of supernatural Teases us the last road trip of Sam and Dean Winchester. Memorable moments in this 30-second trailer include Castiel reminding Dean of his personal sacrifices, Dean wearing those pink pajamas, and Jack accepting his own unfortunate mission. There is also a lot of brotherly love, including a moment where Sam tells Dean: “All my life you’ve protected me. It’s the only thing I ever knew that was true. “. Tears are to be expected watching these final episodes. Moreover, the Final Series of Supernatural will be broadcast on November 19 on the CW. A date to be noted urgently in its calendar.


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