The Winchester brothers will be back on October 8 and the CW has unveiled the promo photos for this episode 14 of season 15 of Supernatural!

After a long cut, due to the coronavirus pandemic, season 15 of Supernatural will be back on October 8 on The CW. This is the last straight line of the Winchester brothers since after fifteen years of good and loyal service, supernatural will bow out. The filming of the Supernatural Series Finale was filmed a few days ago and Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles shared heartbreaking messages to say goodbye to the team and the fans. In any case, the next episodes promise to be thrilling! Besides, The CW has unveiled the promo photos of episode 14 of season 15 of supernatural and they are eye-catching!

The helping hand!
The helping hand! – Credit (s): The CW
Creepy !
Creepy ! – Credit (s): The CW
Hilarious! – Credit (s): The CW
Halloween party
Halloween party – Credit (s): The CW
Who is dead ?
Who is dead ? – Credit (s): The CW
Dinner with family
Family dinner – Credit (s): The CW
Adorable pajamas!
Adorable pajamas! – Credit (s): The CW
A few laughs guaranteed
Some giggles guaranteed – Credit (s): The CW

In this episode 14 of season 15 of supernatural, entitled “Last Holiday”, Sam and Dean Winchester will discover a Wood Nymph (guest star Meagan Fey) living in the bunker and determined to protect her family, at all costs. If the synopsis retains an element of mystery, the promo photos of this episode tease us Sam and Dean celebrating Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, but dramas seem to be to be expected. Plus, expect some hilarious moments including the purple pajamas Jensen Ackles wears. While waiting for its release which is fast approaching, find out if a Supernatural revival is already in the works!


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