“Crisis on Infinite Earths” had an impact on the entire Arrowverse and especially on the new spin-off, Superman and Lois.

When Superman and Lois debut on The CW in January, it will provide fans with a somewhat unexpected take on the iconic DC Comics couple, who see them as parents of teenage twins. For fans of the Arrowverse, the idea that there are two Kent boys and that they are teenagers is a pretty big change. Moreover, according to the creator of the series Todd Helbing, this is a change that was made possible thanks to the crossover “Crisis on Infinite Earths”, offering a “blank slate” to tell a new story of Lois and Clark. During the panel of Superman and Lois during the DC FanDome, Todd Helbing explained that the series took “Crisis” as an opportunity to explore a time when things got complicated for the couple: being parents of two teenagers.

A more complicated life!
A more complicated life! – Credit (s): The CW

The showrunner of Superman and Lois has explained : “For all the fans who watched, you know that in the last crossover, Clark and Lois had a baby boy named Jonathan, and the worlds merged and everything is rewritten, and in the end Lois calls Clark to tell him that he had to go home, because there is a problem with ‘the boys’. So we took ‘Crisis’ as an opportunity to really grow old and make a difference for them as parents, to grow old boys and making them teenagers, when the going gets really tough for parents. So I just think ‘Crisis’ really gave us the opportunity to start with a blank slate and tell the story in a way we couldn’t have otherwise. “. This Arrowverse spin-off will give us a new story of the adventures of Superman and Lois. Additionally, the series will also see the Kent family return to Smallville! While waiting to find out more, find out if Clark and Lana could be having an affair in Superman and Lois.


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