This week on the JV release side, we will be entitled to some very, very heavy, and in many different genres: football, wrestling, the return of a cult indie, and of course a compilation of incredibly anticipated Mario games.

Super Mario 3D All Stars

A highly anticipated compilation

It is without a doubt the most anticipated game of the week, and certainly one of the biggest boxes for the end of the year: the compilation of 3D Mario games, Super Mario 3D All Stars, will be available from September 18. On the program, we are entitled to Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy, in graphically enhanced versions. A highly anticipated game that has already reached top sales, although it is not even on the market yet … In short, we will only be talking about this over the next 7 days!

Spelunky 2

The return of a long awaited indie

Spelunky was able to mark the 2010s as one of the very first popular Rogue-Likes from an independent developer. A few months ago, the long-awaited Spelunky 2 sequel was announced, with a whole load of new content. The goal will be the same: the player is in the depths of a mine and must find the way to go as far as possible avoiding all the traps, enemies and obstacles that will obstruct the path. Spelunky 2 will be available on September 15th on PC and PS4.

eFootball PES 2021

A new game in the form of an update

Will we finally be entitled to the famous revolution so awaited this year? PES 2021 will be available on September 15, and for the first time for a game of this type, it will only be an update to the previous opus, PES 2020. In other words, no need to buy a game every year, this is an updated edition of eFootball PES 2020 with the latest data on players, club numbers and championships.. If this could push EA to take the seed with FIFA …

WWE 2K Battlegrounds

A game much more arcade than the rest of the license

WWE 2K Battlegrounds is the next wrestling game for anyone who loves things that aren’t taken seriously. This title, much more arcade than the rest of the series licenses, will allow players to embody more than 70 wrestlers in 8 different rings.. Basically, this new game promises us a lot of fun, and this from September 18th.


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