The Roy family will be back on OCS and Season 3 of Succession already promises a lot of drama.

While some are still waiting for the latest episode of season 10 of The Walking Dead to air on OCS, others are more concerned about the fate of the Roy family. Season 3 of Succession, like many other series, was paused because of the coronavirus but fortunately, you don’t need to know the date of broadcast of the new episodes to be interested in their plots. Watch out for spoilers in the first two seasons in the following. In the new episodes, the stakes will be even higher and after having seen 2 seasons, we already know that this is saying a lot.

The Roy family

Season 3 of Succession will explore a more international aspect of the Roy family and their empire, but also delve into the (too) close links that exist between certain media and certain governments. At a more “local” level, the conflict between Kendall and Logan will obviously occupy a good part of the season after Kendall decided to throw his father in front of all the media regarding the cruise ship scandal. Finally after the first season was particularly focused on Kendall and the second on Shiv, we can also expect that Roman is this time at the heart of season 3. What make us eager to discover all this and to wait Until then, you can immerse yourself in a whole different kind of drama since The Sinner has been renewed for a season 4.



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