Stromae made a notable appearance on TF1’s 20-hour newscast, where he performed his single for the first time. “Hell” in which he talks about suicide. “I have sometimes had thoughts of suicide and I’m not proud of it. Sometimes you think that’s the only way to silence them.” he sang in front of millions of viewers. And if his performance divided the Web, the 36-year-old artist was happy to be able to talk about his work in front of the journalist Anne-Claire Coudray. During his interview with her, he also made big confidences on his new album. Multitude, which will be launched on March 4, 2022.

To begin with, Stromae, who has worked in the shadows in recent years for big names such as Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa or even Vitaa, Bigflo & Oli and OrelSan, said more about his way of working: “The most natural path is really music then an idea of ​​a chorus like that with words that mean nothing. Then I start to build a story around the chorus and then only we think of the clip, that’s it. ‘Rather normal order. But it is true that from time to time, I am short-circuited by the ideas of clips, the ideas of staging, the media ideas “.

Stromae was inspired by his mother for his album Multitude

Regarding his record, he then revealed to have been inspired by his mother and their many travels: “She has always had this desire to go elsewhere and me in the same way, for this album, I wanted to look for different grooves: a Chinese violin called the erhu, a harpsichord mixed with Brazilian baile funk … That’s what I love doing, mixing things up. The idea was really to take inspiration from everywhere but without pointing a finger at a country “. Finally, about the title Multitude he added : “I think we are all multiple, we are full of different characters, we have lots of different personalities, we are not reduced to a straitjacket or a box”.


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