Notice to Stromae fans, the Belgian singer could well make his comeback! We share all our information with you.

If a few days ago we spoke to you about the famous Marseille rapper Jul, who recently made revelations on his next album, today we are going to talk to you about a Belgian artist! Since the release of his last album Square root, 8 years ago, Stromae is very discreet. Following a burnout, the singer had decided to take a break in his career. The interpreter of “Papaoutai” then took the time to devote himself to his clothing brand Mosaert without neglecting the music. We could hear him alongside Orelsan in his title “The rain”, but also alongside Vitaa in “As usual” or even Coldplay with “Arabesque”. And it would seem that Stromae decided to embark on new musical projects.

Last year, the Belgian singer had already told the newspaper Release : “An album will come at some point but I don’t really have a date”. But since then, no more news. Asked by the magazine Max, the artist confirms continue “to make music” :I never really stopped. I work, and I have a lot of fun “ he assures, aware that his return is eagerly awaited. Nevertheless he adds: “My absence does me good, but it is not final. I take this opportunity to take care of my two-and-a-half-year-old son. And then, it’s not as if I don’t work anymore. I’m just much less publicized “. So will Stromae be back soon? We cross fingers ! In the meantime, Mariah Carey is really back in the studio for a new album that we can’t wait to listen to.

Credits: Release / Max


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