Ponce is a famous streamer who has been on Twitch since 2014. Today he even entered the top 5 of the channel in France. His community particularly appreciates the benevolence of the exchanges and the entertainment aspect of what it offers. If video games are the guideline of the content published by Ponce, he is also passionate about music. He therefore does not hesitate to highlight the latter in his streams. He broadcasts the artists of his community during listening sessions. And he also recently produced a podcast on copyright.

It is therefore not a surprise that Ponce decided to go further in the field. In a video, he therefore speaks in front of the camera to explain the new challenge he has just embarked on. And he starts by telling his passion for music : “Hi flowers! You know how much music has always accompanied me in my life. I started the drums around my 7-8 years. I never really stopped. I had a band when I was in high school. We also toured a lot in the PACA region. That’s why when I started streaming, the music took a very important place.”

Ponce wants to discover talents

Ponce therefore took matters into his own hands to give the music a more important place in his life. He therefore set up his own label. He tells how he got there: “I called one of my best friends, Leo, who has been working in music for years. We surrounded ourselves with very competent people with whom we wanted to work, with artists we wanted to promote… We discovered talents. And after months and months of working behind the scenes, that’s it, we did it. We created our music label, Floral Records.” The structure of Ponce currently has 6 references in the catalog, including Tip Stevens or the Ceylon group. We wish him great success in this new adventure!


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