The creators of Stranger Things want to bring Kali back in season 4, enough to imagine a beautiful revolution of the former guinea pigs of Dr. Brenner …

If the filming of season 4 of Stranger Things is not ready to resume, your patience will certainly be rewarded from the first minutes of viewing the show! Yes, because this next salute of episodes should explore many intrigues all the most interesting than the others like the past of Sheriff Hopper, the fight of Eleven in the search for his powers, the move of Joyce and Will. in an unknown place … As a bonus, even if we believed in the death of these characters in Stranger Things, they will be back in season 4! If she is not on this list, Kali, Eleven’s “sister” is also expected to appear in future episodes, and this time for a leading role.

Kali and Eleven in Stranger Things
Kali and Eleven in Stranger Things – Credit (s): Netflix

Indeed, in 2017, the creators of the show Netflix promised his return, even if his appearance in the 7th episode of season 2 did not please fans. The latter did not appreciate the treatment of the character, despite a promising potential on paper. As a reminder, Kali is not Eleven’s biological sister, but she was one of the guinea pigs of Dr. Brenner and his collaborators. When she managed to free herself from the clutches of her captors, she took refuge with a gang of former subjects of this horrible organization. If Kali, along with the other victims of the lab return in season 4 of Stranger Things, the rules can finally change. Endowed with exceptional abilities, these characters will be able to help Eleven, first in her quest for powers, but also in the fight against the forces of Evil emanating from the Upside Down.. The series will thus be able to “renew” itself in the field of science fiction, even if it will be necessary to take care not to distort the soul of Stranger Things. While waiting to learn more about the addition of these characters in the fourth season, continue to vote for your favorite shows during the World Cup series.


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