The news of the actor who plays Dustin in Stranger Things concerning the resumption of filming is not reassuring!

If rare series like The Mandalorian do not appear to have been heavily impacted by the coronavirus epidemic, this is not the case with Stranger Things. And for good reason, the event series Netflix who had just started filming his season 4 when the COVID-19 crisis struck, had to stop it to comply with barrier gestures and sanitary measures. And if actor David Harbor (Hopper) seemed a few weeks ago rather optimistic about the resumption of production, his teammate Gaten Matarazzo is not so sure. You just have to see his recent claims made at GalaxyCon Live. During this virtual Comic Con, the latter considered that a return to the studios was not possible before next fall.

Gaten Matarazzo aka Dustin in Stranger Things

Indeed, the 17-year-old actor estimated that he was able to be able to resume filming in Atlanta, Georgia only a short time after celebrating his 18th birthday. Except that the latter does not arrive before September 08, 2020! “Work is on break. We were in the middle of filming when they talked about a two-week break and we finally left for three months“he started by declaring. Before continuing:”I am 18 years old at the beginning of September […] and at that time, due to the pandemic, we may not even be sure that we will be back on set. So I’ll be 18 and they can keep me as long as they need me with no time limit “. Good news for the latter, happy to no longer be subject to the law on child actors which limits the number of working hours of a minor on film sets. Bad news for fans, however, who will have to be patient before they can find out what season 4 has in store for them. Stranger things.



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