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Stranger Things 4: this legendary metal band totally fan of the series!


Stranger Things offers, since its first season, a unique atmosphere. This is obviously based on a set of very effective retro “80s” elements. Among these, the soundtrack, extremely well thought out, contributes to the atmosphere which made the success of the series. For fans of the series, but also music lovers, the eclecticism of the selected songs is just incredible. Season 4 of Stranger Things is no exception to this rule. We hear, sometimes on several occasions, hit songs of the 80s. This has also contributed to bringing them up to date for a younger audience. This is particularly the case of the essential “Running up that hill” by Kate Bush. The season finale, however, includes another iconic track, in a very different style!

Stranger Things season 4 delighted metal fans! We had already seen in the trailer that Eddie was going to play a really rock song in the Upside-Down! the legendary group Metallica and his song “Master of Puppets” thus joined the work of the Duffer brothers. The anthology scene shows Eddie playing the powerful riffs to attract the attention of the monsters in Vecna’s pay. Metallica spoke on their official Instagram account. The members said they were extremely honored by this sublime wink. “The way the Duffer Brothers include music in Stranger Things has always been top notch”, writes the group. “We were super excited that they chose ‘Master of Puppets’, but also that the track was the basis of a key scene”, adds Metallica.

Strangers Things creates a musical bridge between generations!

Stranger Things has indeed established new benchmarks in terms of symbiosis between the soundtrack and the images for a series. Metallica does not skimp on praise for the result. Their words sound like those of absolute fans. “We were completely amazed by the result… It’s extremely well done!”, writes the group while speaking about the scene with Eddie. Metallica points out that some had even guessed the song in the trailer. For many other spectators, it is a discovery. This is enough to build a bridge between musical generations! There are still many more fantastic tracks in Metallica’s discography to discover. And if you think metal isn’t for you, try the S&M album.



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