This photo of Stéphanie Durant when she was a child has melted Internet users and we let you discover it here.

Stéphanie Durant, who confided in her reunion in Les Marseillais with Thibault Garcia, whom she has been close to since high school, is making a lot of talk about her at the moment because of her pregnancy. For those who do not yet know, the emblematic candidate of the W9 program is pregnant with a little boy who should point the tip of his nose next October. A real happiness for the young woman and her darling Théo Soggiu who are preparing to become parents for the first time. While waiting for the baby to arrive, Stéphanie floods her Instagram feed with photos, each prettier than the next and one in particular caught the attention of Internet users.

With the publication of this post promoting his new brand of scarves, Stephanie Durant has completely cracked Internet users. Not for her pretty baby bump but rather for the snapshot of her as a child (see the second photo). Obviously, fans of the candidate of Marseillais were many to react: “The second photo is serious serious cute!”, “So cute”, “Too cute, very small”, “This boils!”, “Always the same boils, very cute” could we read in the comments. Stéphanie Durant who filmed her second ultrasound and gave news of her baby will no doubt be delighted to read all these kind messages.

Credit: Instagram @stephaniedurant
Other files: The Marseillais in Dubai


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