Last night, episode 4 of Stargirl was broadcast on the CW. So it’s time to discover our “Wildcat” verdict.

Last week, in episode 3 of Stargirl, there were deaths. Did Courtney get over it? Melty’s editorial team invites you to discover its verdict of episode 4. “Wildcat “ opens with a flashback from three months ago, where we discovered that Yolanda was very popular at Blue Valley High. She went out with Henry King Jr., she was a favorite to win the position of president of the students for which she stood, her parents loved her…. But overnight, her life changed and she found herself at the table of loosers. She sent a topless selfie to her boyfriend, who had promised to keep the photo for him, but Cindy managed to get hold of it and sent it to all the students. This led to the mortification of the girl with a brutal rupture and a distancing from society. Her parents even denied her …

Courtney wants to recruit!

These days, Courtney has examined the artifacts she retrieved from the OG JSA seat – Dr. Mid-Nite’s glasses, Hourman’s hourglass, the Wildcat mask, Johnny Thunder’s “pen”, a green lantern. While keeping her hiding place secret, she reaffirmed to Pat that she wanted to start recruiting, but he was against anyone else’s training … However, she did not listen to him in this episode 4 of Stargirl and recruited its first ally. She was very interested in Yolanda. After a few rejections from the student, Courtney decided to reveal to her that she was behind the explosion of Henry’s car. She used a very different approach: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”, which this time resonated with Yolanda’s ears and worked!

Wildcat joined the team!

Yolanda agreed to follow Courtney who showed her the cosmic material and shared a bit of her story as (possible) Starman’s daughter. Courtney made Yolanda try Wildcat’s outfit, and if it looked completely old-fashioned at first, the transformation was radical. When she put on the Wildcat mask, her costume magically changed into a most badass catsuit! After checking on Wikipedia to see what the powers of Wildcat were, the girls tested them in town and this part was one of the most fun of the episode. Because of the young age of the heroine, Stargirl is a breath of fresh air in this universe of superheroes. After their hectic night playing with their powers, Yolanda realized that she was not ready to become Wildcat and that she had to find her former life first. Unfortunately, her parents’ reaction was terrible and overwhelming us … She finally found comfort with Courtney and joined the Justice Society of America as Wildcat! What does the future hold for us? While waiting to find out, find out if a crossover between Stargirl and the Arrowverse is possible!



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