Have you ever wondered where the expression May The 4th came from? Well here is the answer!

May The Fourth has become a worldwide event through the years for fans of the intergalactic saga created by George Lucas, the series Big Bang Theory having even shot for its season 7 a special episode. From the Anglo-Saxon pun “May The Force Be With You”, this expression is now associated with a real celebration of pop culture and the Starwarsian universe, after having been taken from a speech by the London Evening News, on Margaret Thatcher’s investiture day, May 4, 1979. However, the real popularity of this date is more recent since it ultimately only dates back to 2011., year in which the Toronto Underground Cinema organized several screenings as well as a costume contest to celebrate the entire saga.

May The 4th Be With You.
May The 4th Be With You. – Credit (s): Star Wars

It was not until 2013, however, when purchasing Lucasfilm by Disney that the studios have decided to make it a real promotional tool. Proof is still today with the release on the Disney + platform of the series The Bad Batch. That being said, you should also know that Star Wars has another official day, namely that of May 25, date on which A New Hope was released in American theaters in 1977. If fans will certainly prefer to celebrate the saga on May 4, these many dates are in any case a reflection of its constant popularity. Enough to have a good excuse to review the films throughout the spring, especially since everyone can find what they are looking for, May The Fifth being dedicated to followers of the dark side of the Force …

Credits: ScreenRant.
Other files: Disney


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