Did you notice this inconsistency in the 5th game of Squid Game?

If you are a follower of Netflix, it is clearly impossible for you to have missed the phenomenon. This Korean series is on everyone’s lips, so much so that we learned this morning that Squid Game had broken a planetary record in the history of the platform. Suffice to say that this is the show of the moment and that it would be regrettable not to have already binge-watchered! Yet despite this undeniable success, Squid Game is not free from errors or inconsistencies. The proof with this confusion spotted in the structure of the fifth game. A contradiction that irritated the fans quite a bit!

The fifth game in Squid Game
The fifth game in Squid Game – Credit (s): Netflix

This is the case of user Hoenndex on Reddit who said: “I finished the series, does anyone else think Game 5 was inherently unfair? All the other games were about skill or being better than your opponent. Green light, light red was simple, honeycomb play was a matter of patience, tug of war required strength unless you knew the strategy, marbles were all about being better at the game than the other person. the bridge? Good luck, no skill. How is that fair competition? When someone finally discovered a trick in the game, the leader turned off the lights “. An argument validated by another Internet user who added: “I felt the same for the bridge. Games 1 and 2 are the fairest. Game 5 is an outright murder for all those who weren’t located at the end “. Do you find these fans nitpicking? Be aware that this is not the only criticism made of Squid Game !

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