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Spider-Man 3 & Cherry: Tom Holland’s brother in both movies?


Tom Holland reveals that his little brother Harry will play a single character in Cherry and Spider-Man 3.

Recently the title of Spider-Man 3 has officially been revealed to the public! If this news was anything to cheer up audiences, some exciting new details about the film have just been unveiled. Interviewed by The Tonight ShowTom Holland reveals special actor will also be part of plot of upcoming studios blockbuster Marvel : his younger brother, Harry Holland. Before saying more about his involvement in the plot, Tom Holland reveals that his character will be above all to discover in Cherry, in which Harry will take on the role of a drug dealer. Nicknamed Shaky Kid, the protagonist played by Harry Holland will therefore be found both in Cherry but also within Spider-Man 3.

Spider-Man 3 – Credit (s): Marvel

“Yeah, in Cherry he has a little cameo. He plays a character called Shaky Kid and he’s a drug dealer. So… we kind of had the idea that in every movie that I was in, Harry would take over. his role as Shaky Kid. He will therefore be part of Spider-Man 3 in the guise of this character “, explains Tom Holland. A surprising news that questions us about the future of Shaky Kid within the cinematographic universe. If he accompanies Tom Holland in all the films in which he will play, it’s like we’re dealing with a giant, limitless crossover. As for Tom Holland’s role as Peter Parker, know that his contract with the MCU ends after Spider-Man 3 No Way Home.

Credit: The Tonight Show



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