The Spice Girls could reform during a world tour in 2021! We tell you about it …

VIVA FOREVER! Let fans of the Spice Girls rejoice, we have just learned that the most legendary group of the 90s could quickly return to the front of the stage from 2021! According to the English newspaper The Sun, the group is preparing a world tour which will pass through Europe, Australia and the United States : “After all the problems associated with the coronavirus crisis, the girls want to mark the year 2021 with a big tour. They are approaching their 50s so they want to perform on stage as long as they can always look great on stage!”

The Spice Girls
The Spice Girls

But this time again, it would be without Victoria Beckham who put her singing career aside. But despite this absence, the success of the dates in England in the spring of 2019 was there. Everything therefore suggests that a return to 2021 is very likely … And maybe this time, the bus tour of the Spice Girls will stop in France! Remember, the last French concert took place in 1998, an eternity for the fans. We just have to cross our fingers! Otherwise, in our music recap of the week, Leto unveils a feat with Niska, Ninho and Dadju release “Grand Bain” and Megan Thee Stallion shares a new sound!


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