The Pokémon Sparkling Diamond and Pokémon Sparkling Pearl games have barely been released when we already discover a glitch that allows you to clone any Pokémon in the game, including the rare items they hold.

In addition to being quickly promoted upon release, the remakes of Pokémon Diamond & Pearl fall victim to a bug that was recently discovered by the community. Indeed, it was Twitter user Kevinfor5 who first revealed the trick. This morning, YouTube user Orcastraw even posted a video guide on the cloning trick. The video in question is quite fast since it lasts less than a minute.

If you want to test this bug for yourself, be aware that you are going to need 4 different Pokémon :

  • The Pokémon and / or the item you want to clone
  • A Pokémon that you agree to delete during manipulation
  • Two additional Pokémon that will allow you to do the manipulation

Here are the steps to follow to be able to clone your Pokémon :

  • Put the two additional Pokémon in two different PC boxes but to same location in both boxes (for example the lower right corner)
  • Then move one of the two Pokémon into a Combat Team. This team menu is accessible from the PC box by pressing the X key twice.
  • Exit the PC
  • Then talk to the receptionist of the Pension and select, without giving it, the Pokémon that you did not assign to a Fighting Team and which is in the same location but in a different box than this last
  • Click on Preview then select with Y the box containing the unassigned Pokémon
  • Swap the location of this box with the one that contains the assigned Pokémon

If all goes well, the mark of the deposit at the Pension (the orange check) should now be positioned on the Pokémon that has been assigned to the Fighting Team. If that is the case, validate the selection. Otherwise, start over from the beginning. If it works, continue the process and go to cloning.

  • Return to your PC boxes
  • Press twice on X. If everything went well you should see a white image in place of the Pokémon you assigned to the Fighting Team. You will also see that it is now level 99.
  • Be careful not to place your cursor over this Pokémon. This in effect crashes your game and you will then have to quit it and start all over from the beginning.
  • Now drop the Pokémon you agree to delete. The latter should instantly disappear upon deposit.
  • Then drop the Pokémon you want to clone into that same Fight team
  • Then select the Pokémon to duplicate in the Fighting Team
  • Select the option “Pokémon Summary”
  • Exit the summary to see spawn a copy of your Pokémon in Battle Team slot 2

The glitched location will then be gone and your game will return to normal. You can then deselect your Pokemon to remove them from the Combat Team. This will give you a perfect copy of your Pokémon and the item you gave it. If you wish to repeat the operation, you will first have to recover the Pokémon deposited at the boarding house and find another Pokémon to sacrifice.


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