Attention spoilers! Soul’s ending might have been a lot different for Joe if the directors of the Pixar animated film had followed their initial plans.

On December 25, Disney + subscribers were able to discover Drunk, a moving and funny animated film that was reminiscent of Vice versa. Carried by Omar Sy, Camille Cottin and Ramzy Bedia in French version, the feature film followed the story of Joe Gardner, a music teacher with a passion for jazz who, following an unfortunate accident, was redirected to the Grand Avant, a magical world where souls are gathered before being sent to Earth. Forced to become the mentor of the endearing although stubborn 22, the two characters then embarked on an unprecedented adventure at the end of which Joe was able to realize his dream – that of becoming a recognized musician – while he returned to his body. . However, the end of Drunk could have been much sadder for our hero, the directors Pete Docter and Kemp Powers having revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly what were their initial plans for Joe’s fate.

Joe Gardner in Soul.
Joe Gardner in Soul. – Credit (s): Pixar

We had a version in which Joe does not return to his body and actually remains dead “ Powers said before adding: “In this version he [Joe] becomes a recurring mentor of the You seminar. He eventually stayed in the Grand Avant, became one of the best guides, and ended up coming up with innovative ideas for the seminar. He kind of revolutionized it. […] It was a fun exploration but it didn’t work. “ If this ending would have been interesting to discover, Kemp Powers later confided that it had sparked a lot of debate and even pissed off a few people. Reactions that finally made the directors think about the objective of the film, Pete Docter having explained : “There were opposing sides. I think people felt it was cheating to let him come back to Earth. On the other hand, from a story point of view, you can’t not teaching this character to enjoy life and then steal it from him. That didn’t seem like the way to go. ” Fortunately for Joe, the final version allowed him to discover the meaning of life in order to appreciate it and save him an express return trip between the Great After and the Earth! Besides, speaking of Drunk, find out if you are a beautiful soul by taking this quiz on the animated film Pixar.

Credits: Screen Rant.


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