Soso Maness looks back on his most outstanding feat, the success of Zumba Cafew …

Recently Jul unveiled his new title, So the Zone and he released the release date of his next album in the process. And speaking of the J, we will continue on the subject since recently we interviewed Soso Maness. The latter told us behind the scenes of his featurings so the one with Jul that we find on his album With time. Soso explains to us that he already knew Jul from his album Paranoia since they had collaborated together on it. They were no longer in contact until he released his album. Mistral. Jul then wrote to him to congratulate him and that’s when he told him about Organized 13. As for the studio session of “Organized band”, Soso explains to us that when SCH entered the cabin and he said “Yes my spoiled”, all the other rappers wondered what they were going to do!

And precisely speaking of the S, Soso explained to us that they had met for the first time when they recorded “Organized band”. They have since become very good friends! On his album With time, there is also the title “Petrouchka” that we hear everywhere! On this featuring, Soso Maness explains: “For this feat I have this idea to take back the kalinka. We see each other at the studio with PLK, we record the chorus and the next day we see each other again to finish. PLK him and his friends they are in this process of enjoying themselves, of making music without taking the lead “. To discover the rest of Soso’s words, we let you watch the video that we put you just above the article! And if you still haven’t listened to the album Avec le temps by Soso Maness, we have selected the five tracks for you to remember.

Credit: melty
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