Soso Maness has unveiled his latest Zumba Cafew title and it’s not what you expect!

You know, every weekend rhymes with new things and this is clearly our favorite moment. Since the release of 13 Organized, the Marseillais rappers have experienced real success and even solo. And it’s not SCH who will tell us the opposite since he ranked at the top of sales with his album “JVLIVS II”. Alonzo Jul and Naps recently joined forces for the La Seleção title and it is now Soso Maness’ turn to return. Indeed, the rapper released a brand new track: Zumba Cafew. We let you discover the clip just below and you will see, you will be surprised!

Everyone sang: “Zumba cafew, cafew carnival” this summer at the end of Organized band but this verse does not sum up Soso Maness. This is the message conveyed by the rapper in his last very meaningful title. He recalls that he has been rapping for years and that everything he writes, he has lived it. This is certainly why the clip which was produced by NVZ was shot in Font-Vert, the city where Soso Maness comes from. At melty we strongly validate this title and we hope that it announces the release of a new project by the Marseille artist … While waiting to learn more on the subject, we suggest you stay in the theme by going check out the incredible music video of SCH and Freeze Corleone from their Mannschaft feat.


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