Soprano is back in stores with the reissue of his album entitled Du Phoenix aux étoiles et melty invites you to discover the 5 new tracks that must be remembered.

Soprano is one of the first estimates of the NRJ Music Awards 2019. With its sixth album Phoenix sold over 400,000 copies, the Marseilles has proven once again that it has its place in the music industry in France. Thanks to its tubes like “To life, to love” or “The coach”, he has managed to establish himself once again in the charts and does not intend to stop there. Like many artists, the rapper decided to release a reissue on November 8, 2019 entitled From Phoenix to the Stars. A nice gift for his fans, who can discover 8 new songs. While Soprano spoke exclusively to melty to tell us about its success, discover below the 5 unreleased titles to remember from this reissue.

“Musica” feat Ninho

In this song, Soprano leaves an important place for Ninho. Together, the two rappers talk about their beginnings, what they experienced before succeeding and the galleys of the street. Today, they are proud to have been able to get by thanks to the music, hence the title of this beautiful collaboration.

“Papa Sopra”

With “Papa Sopra”, the 40-year-old artist gives heart to heart and connects references with the Johnny Hallyday legacy affair, the series “Game Of Thrones” or the brothers from the PNL group. By reconnecting with pure and hard rap, Soprano will please many of his fans, especially since he made the clip himself.

“Cabeza” feat Jul

Once again, the two Marseilles found themselves to work together and we validate thoroughly! Attention, this catchy sound which speaks of the beauty of a woman who gives a headache is likely to become a hit.

“Full time” feat Alonzo

Again, Soprano called on a friend to share this duo entitled “Full time”. Here, the interpreter of the tube “Rolled” explains that life is hanging by a thread and that he needs to take time to take care of his own.

“To our everyday heroes”

Without doubt the most important and touching title of this reissue which allows the singer to thank his audience and all the people he has come across throughout his life and his great career.


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