Slimane recently shared some info on his upcoming solo album, We Tell You Everything.

As we announced to you a few days ago, the duo formed by Slimane and Vitaa are preparing to resume their respective solo careers after the immense success with their albums. VersuS and versus 2. For his part, Slimane intends to focus on a new unpublished solo album. On his account Instagram, the singer launched a Q&A session in which he responded to his fans and took the opportunity to say more about his future projects. Asked about the release date of this next opus, the artist explains: “I really want to tell you … But I can’t. All I can say is that it will be for the end of the year.”. We will therefore have to be patient.

Slimane gives info on his next album
Slimane gives info on his next album – Credit (s): Instagram @slimane

Nevertheless, Slimane has all the time shared some info, the first song will be a ballad! “I’m going to be very frank, I discussed it with my team a few days ago. At the beginning I wanted to do an up (piece of music that has a fast tempo, editor’s note) but a song caught everyone’s attention the world and as I have a team that has cojones, we’re going to go all out and it’s a ballad ” explains the interpreter of “Paname”. Finally, the singer might well share a track with rapper Soprano : “We both want it (…). After that, it’s like everything, you have to do the right song!”. But it seems that Slimane is not the only one to make his comeback, Stromae could well come back soon with a new album!

Credit: Instagram @slimane
Other files: Vitaa


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