Shy’m offers a crazy clip for his comeback with “Tadada Tututu”!

Recently, Maes unveiled “TMAX 560”, the first preview clip of Réelle Vie 3.0! For his part, Shy’m is making a comeback with “Tadada tututu”. Yes, the title is special but it is a potential hit. The clip, shot in an airfield and produced by HKCORP is a real nugget. “Tadada tutututu / We’re not here forever / I don’t even know what we’re playing / It’s already screwed up” A title calibrated to go on the radio and become the hit of the winter … And that’s all we want! In the rest of the musical news, Deezer unveils the list of the most listened to artists of 2021 with Jul, Naps or Ed Sheeran.


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