In an interview, Shay agreed to talk about his former mentor Booba and made a few confessions about his rapping career.

While Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Sam Smith are the big forgotten nominations for the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards, Shay is back in stores with Antidode. With his catchy headlines like “Pretty one”, “Cock-a-doodle Doo”, “Notif” or “Liquid” feat Niska, the Belgian of 26 years managed to mark the spirits once again with her second album. During an interview with our colleagues from Pure Charts and PRBK, she came back on her journey and confided why she turned to a career as a rapper: “I think it suits me well. As a singer, I was not confident enough. I don’t really believe in myself (…) There were no rappers in France and I think we had to take the place”.

Shay still cold with Booba? She responds and makes confessions about her rapping career

Obviously, it was not always easy for Shay, which continues to receive negative comments about it: “We tend to put people in a box. Me, it’s the pretty girl, who is a bit sexy, that we notice (…) We tend to put me in a box of the pretty girl, stupid, superficial because I take care of my image. I find it hard to get out of there “. Finally, the young artist agreed to talk about Booba, her former mentor with whom she had signed and wanted to let everyone know that everything is fine between them after rumors which claimed the opposite: “No. (…) People had a fantasy. But no, there is nothing”… In the rest of music news, PNL, Nekfeu or Lomepal: Discover the best-selling albums in 2019.


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