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Shawn Mendes cancels his world tour, find out why


Shawn Mendes announced bad news to his fans this Friday, July 8. The artist has decided to take a break, and to cancel his tour. In an Instagram post, he explains the situation to his fans. We can read : “It breaks my heart to have to say this, but unfortunately I will have to push the dates for the next three weeks. » He continues confidently: “I’ve been on tour since I was 15. To be honest, it’s always been difficult being on the road, away from my friends and family. » He keeps on : “I thought I was ready to get into it again. However, this decision was premature. The backlash from the tour and the pressure caught up with me. I have reached a limit. »

The artist decides to confide in his fans on Instagram, hoping that they can understand and forgive him. He explains : “I discussed with my team, as well as with health professionals. I need to take time to heal and take care of myself and my mental health. It is a priority. As soon as there’s any progress, I promise I’ll let you know. I love you all. » Shawn Mendes does not hesitate to regularly confide in his fans, who support him. Last December, he shared a very moving video in which he confessed “having a hard time with social networks at the moment”.

Shawn Mendes needs a break

The young man separated from his girlfriend, Camila Cabello, recently. The lovers stayed together for two years, during the global pandemic. The couple that we thought was stronger than ever, unfortunately did not last. In his December video, Shawn Mendes said: “I’m having a little trouble with social media right now, just with my relationship with social media. But many people send me videos and tell me what’s going on. » He goes on to talk about the song It’ll Be Okay which he wrote following his breakup. He says : “I’ve seen a lot of TikToks of people crying, expressing their emotions, and everything. I hope it’s because there’s truth in the song. » The artist also said: “I just feel so proud of this song. » We hope he recovers quickly!



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