Shanna Kress has just reacted to the advertising of the Marseillais. And we’ll tell you more about it here.

The candidates of the Marseillais are advertising for the vaccination against the Covid, the Internet users see red. And they are not the only ones to have reacted to this advertising spot. Several reality TV contestants have also said what they think of the initiative. This is the case with Angèle Salentino or even Thomas. And lately it’s Shanna kress who spoke about it on his Instagram story … pretty brunette is frankly not happy and she does not fail to let it be known. We let you discover it with its publication which can be found a little further down in this article.

This is what she thinks!
This is what she thinks! – Credit (s): Instagram shannakress83

“No, but could we have the right to be free! Seaside ** !!!”Shanna Kress wrote on her Instagram story. The message is pretty clear! And many are those to think the same thing as the young woman … For several people on social networks, the candidates who participated in this advertisement are badly placed to give advice, since they no longer even live in France. All except Adixia. The least we can say is that this ad created a buzz on the web! In the rest of the celebrity news, know that Maeva Ghennam has been tackled by Cloé Cooper and it’s violent.

Credit: Instagram shannakress83
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