Crazy in love? Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas certainly are and this adorable pic proves it.

Recently, the editorial ‘of melty offered you to review all the weddings that took place in a show including those of Nabilla and Thomas, Paga and Adixia or even Shanna Kress and Thibault Garcia. As you know, this last union quickly ended and the pretty brunette spins today the perfect love with Jonathan Matijas. Very in love, the two candidates seem to have found each other well and do not hesitate to display their happiness on social networks to the delight of Internet users. They were also delighted when they discovered Shanna’s new publication.

And for good reason, the two lovebirds have once again proven how much they are in symbiosis. “You and me = for life” thus exclaimed Shanna kress in the caption of an adorable snapshot of the couple posing on the beach and liked more than 52,000 times. Obviously, with such complicity, there were many Internet users to crack.

A photo that is unanimous

“Nice couple, you are too beautiful”, “A love like this”, “You are so beautiful together”, “The photos are amazing”, “You are beautiful, can’t wait to see your babies”, “I think you have finally found love”, “You are doing very well together” could one read in particular under the publication. Adorable returns which will not fail to touch the principal ones concerned. And for always more love, discover the magnificent declaration of Benjamin Machet intended for Sarah.

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