Are Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas about to go their separate ways again? The candidate of La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 6 has just sown doubt with this message that we invite you to discover in this article.

Recently, Shanna Kress who is in a relationship with Jonathan Matijas and happier than ever, sent a message to her current boyfriend while tackling her ex Thibault Garcia. It is now almost eight months that the two candidates of reality TV spin the perfect love. Shortly after having exchanged for a long time on social networks, they met for the first time in the south of France and between them, it quickly matched. They therefore got into a relationship and since then, they have many projects together. If the young woman and the one who took part in the romance program of TFX have already moved in together, in the future, they hope to marry and start a family of their own. And while everything seemed to be going well between them, lately, Jonathan matijas shared a post that could lead us to assume that there is water in the gas in her relationship.

Jonathan Matijas has just revealed that he is having a difficult time
Jonathan Matijas has just revealed that he is having a difficult time – Credit (s): Snapchat: matijasjonathan

In a story on his Snapchat account, the young man wrote the following message: “My present, my future, the one who, when I have no morale, fights to make me smile, the one for whom I want to smile again so that her morale never falters”. Then, the candidate of The Villa of Broken Hearts 6 added : “We are going through a difficult time, but our love is stronger than anything. Thank you to all who support us and those who try to bury us, our smile is our answer”. But then, when Jonathan Matijas reveals going through a complicated phase, does it concern his relationship or his life in general? Are the two lovebirds about to break up for reasons we don’t know? Anyway, this message proves how much Jonathan Matijas loves Shanna Kress, who is displayed sexier than ever in these photos which have been validated by Internet users.

Credit: Snapchat: matijasjonathan
Other files: The Villa of Broken Hearts 6


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