It’s time to take stock of the endangered playoffs in the 2020 Serie A World Cup quarter-finals.

For a few days now, you can vote for the quarter-finals of the 2020 Series World Cup. After some surprises among the qualified but also among the eliminated, it is now time to elect the shows that will go straight to the semi-finals. final. Before the last votes of this group stage this Sunday, March 20, here are the series that are currently in danger … And we start with the first match, where The Umbrella Academy is currently dethroned by Lucifer, which wins quite far ahead. As for Game B, it’s Clarke, Bellamy and their acolytes from The 100 who are well ahead of the Carrington family with the series Dynasty.

Who will win the 2020 World Cup?
Who will win the 2020 World Cup? – Credit (s): melty

As for the other two matches in these quarter-finals of the Series World Cup, the scores are a little tighter today. For the time being, La Casa de Papel wins against its competitor Elite, which still manages to pull out of the game. As for match D, the last of the competition, it is Riverdale who is lagging behind. Sex Education has a head start, but the gap is not that big for the British series Netflix ! You will understand, everything is still possible in this World Cup Series and we are not immune to a big surprise in the coming days. So remember to vote for your favorite series until Sunday, March 20 JUST HERE, and meet the next day to find out the names of the semi-finalists.


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