Selena Gomez announces that her new album is finished. Discover his interview.

Selena Gomez has had a few difficult years but it is not to say that she has forgotten one of her passions: music. Four years later Revival and her many health concerns, the American artist is ready to make a comeback as she reveals in the Tonight Show by Jimmy Fallon. “My album is finished” she said on the set of the New York talk show. “I still have to make some changes but I am relieved. It took me four years to feel in tune with this album. With everything that has happened to me in my personal life, I was not sure how to find the words adequate. “ she told Jimmy Fallon.

It’s been several months that the singer announces to be in the studio on Instagram and his fans can finally rejoice to see their idol in good health and ready to unveil new songs. Selena Gomez seems to have produced a very personal album retracing the few years she has just lived : “My music will always be oriented towards pop but I have also experimented with electric guitars, there are very soulful songs and acoustic guitars. I find myself in all this.” While waiting for his big return, we are watching his girlfriend Taylor Swift’s new clip for “You Need To Calm Down” with many celebrities like Katy Perry.


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