Sea of ​​Thieves has continued its journey since its release on Xbox One in March 2018. There are countless updates to this title which has established itself as the benchmark for pirate games. Rare has put all its expertise into the game and now intends to heavily solicit the community for their next update. Indeed, these are the puzzles that will be at the center of the title’s next additions. But it will not be just any puzzles, since these behinds will require investigation outside the game to be solved.

Sea of ​​Thieves brings puzzles to the fore

Sea of ​​Thieves really has great puzzle-setting potential with its huge open world. But again, Rare likes to surprise its players. The puzzles to come will therefore require a heavy investigation by the community, and it will not be enough to play the game to overcome these puzzles.

From the announcement video above, the developers specify that we are unknowingly observing clues present in the decor of the video. We will therefore have to dissect it as it should, but it may well be that this video is not the only element external to the game that will need to be examined. This murder story is therefore likely to take time to be elucidated, especially since Rare may very well introduce new elements which may or may not cast doubt on the truth.

Of course, these puzzles are just one more element of what is currently available as an in-game activity. The seas of Sea of ​​Thieves are vast and there is already enough to do for hundreds of hours without doing any puzzles. This is also the strength of this game which will continue to live at the top of its lungs for years to come.


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