How did the creators of the Scream franchise choose the Ghostface mask to represent the slasher? We finally have the answer.

Halloween is approaching and we know that the favorite costumes of this year will be the mask of Scream but also the red overalls of the employees seen in Squid Game ! Unlike other horror movie killers, the slasher of Scream – whose trailer for the fifth installment has just been unveiled – has no particular powers. Hidden behind a screaming ghost mask, the murderer is just creepy and terribly fearsome when it comes to murdering his victims after psychologically torturing them. What is astonishing is that since 1997, year of release of the first part of the franchise, no one wondered why the slasher was represented by Ghostface’s mask. How was this costume chosen?

Scream – Credit (s): Dimension Films

Neve Campbell and screenwriter Kevin Williamson took it upon themselves to answer the question in a video to celebrate the franchise’s 25th anniversary. Scream. And as surprising as it may sound, it wasn’t really the creators who chose Ghostface’s mask for their films, but rather the other way around. : “The Ghostface mask was in a tote box that we found in a garage. We then asked the owner if we could take it because Wes Craven looked at it and thought, ‘This is it. which would correspond to Scream ‘. We then brought the mask to our production to ask them to create a mask like this. So they had to do 20 different designs and each of them was rejected by the studio “.

Scream – Credit (s): Scream 5

“Finally, we were like, ‘Why don’t we just get the rights to this mask?’ Because in the script it said it was an average Halloween mask, found from a dime store. And that’s exactly what we found. “, they add. Naturally, the Ghostface mask was therefore chosen to represent the slasher., and despite the passage of time, we must admit that it is still so freaking out! Now, what one wonders is which character might be hiding behind the mask within the fifth installment of Scream


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