SCH and Leto will both be on the album of a rapper you know well. We will explain everything to you.

While you were invited to discover the clip of Crois Moi featuring Ninho and Da Uzi, we will now be interested in other French rappers. Between JuL who released three unreleased tracks, Hatik and his reissue of “Folding chair”, Leto and his mixtape “Virus: Before the album” we can say that we were spoiled in music during confinement! And we have to believe that even those that we did not hear were in the process of charcoal since several projects should come out by this summer. And precisely, we would like to talk to you about a particular album, that of Lefa who made an announcement of phew! We let you discover it and we talk about it in the rest of this article.

You have just seen it, after having revealed that he was going to collaborate with SCH, Lefa swung via his Instagram account that he had also called on PLK and Leto for his future album! These are the only three artists that have been confirmed so far, but perhaps FA We still have surprises in store … In any case, it looks super heavy and at melty we can’t wait to be able to stream it all! While waiting for more information on the subject, know that Heuss l’Enfoiré recorded a featuring with an artist you all know and we can tell you that it too will be heavy! We’ll let you find out who it is.


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