So many reality TV candidates are experiencing breakups at the moment, like Cloé Cooper and Sébastien Pinelli who suddenly separated after two years of relationship, this is certainly not the case for Benjamin Machet and Sarah who, for their part, have been making perfect love for several years. It’s very simple, the two participants in the program TFX Moms and Famous are very happy together and totally fulfilled with their two children, Tao and Damian. This time, it is not for her relationship with the former athlete that the pretty blonde is talking about her, but for a very different reason. As you can see below, Sarah turned up the heat with an unretouched pic of herself in a bikini.

“So it takes time to accept yourself, to love yourself… To love this body that you love to hate. Too thin or too big, too fat or too much bone, in the end it’s never enough well (…) But this body is also the one that carried life. Carried life twice. Of course it has changed. Of course he’s not 20 anymore… in 2 years I’ll be 40… No implants to keep my chest in its place, the same chest that nursed 5 years in a row. Cellulite on the thighs and even on the belly… So yes, it took me a while to accept it, to try to love it and not be too harsh on myself. And it’s a daily job (…) Being a beautiful person is more important than just being beautiful! (…) Love yourself, let yourself be loved and be more indulgent with yourself” she said in the caption.

Internet users react to the snapshot of Sarah in a bikini

A frankness and a naturalness that have greatly appealed to Internet users if we are to believe the many reactions under the post: “You are beautiful on the outside and inside and have values. You are a top mom and certainly a top wife. You are so right, this text is beautiful”, “If you are beautiful on the inside, you are necessarily beautiful on the outside and only good people will recognize this beauty. You are hot!”, “You are sublime, you have summed it all up”, “A real beauty” , “You are superb and what you say is right” could we read in particular. Another real success for the wife of Benjamin Machet.


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