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Sarah Fraisou singer: Internet users pay the head of the candidate


Sarah Fraisou has just unveiled her brand new musical project to her fans. Internet users make fun of her in the extract from her clip.

Sarah Fraisou is a famous reality TV candidate. The young woman was revealed in the Princes of Love program. The pretty brunette is a strong head of this environment. She has often been at war with several reality TV candidates. Sarah Fraisou is also very followed on social networks. The beauty has been talked about a lot during her relationship with Ahmed. The two candidates were married. They have also participated in several adventures together. The couple are now separated. Indeed, the beautiful revealed to have been the victim of domestic violence. But today, Sarah Fraisou has turned the page on this relationship. She is now very happy with her new companion.

The beauty has not participated in new reality TV shows for a long time. Ahmed’s ex, however, remains very active on the web. The candidate is often at the heart of controversy. Lately, it is his miracle diet that has been criticized by Internet users. Last night, the pretty brunette unveiled her new project to her fans. Indeed, Sarah Fraisou will soon release a new song in collaboration with Dyor. She also shared an excerpt from her title on her Instagram account. Internet users did not hesitate to make fun of her once again.

Sarah Fraisou becomes the laughingstock of the web

The reality TV candidate is passionate about music. The beauty has already released several titles. Sarah Fraisou is also really looking forward to unveiling her new project to her fans. Unfortunately, the pretty brunette has a again been criticized on the web regarding his new song. We can read this kind of remarks in particular: “She talks like Popeye and sings like the Snow Queen? », “It’s not even his voice, the music is hot now”or even ” How awful “. Sarah Fraisou has since disabled comments under her video. And you, what do you think of his new song?



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