Sarah Fraisou made a bad buzz after her breakup with Oussama and Ahmed Thaï, and this photo of the candidate of The battle of couples 3 is talking about Internet users …

A few days ago, Sarah Fraisou made her big comeback on our screens with The battle of couples 3, and Internet users lynch her for her behavior in the program on social networks! Sarah Fraisou, who revealed here if she was again in a relationship after Osama and Ahmed Thai is very regularly talked about on the web, whether it is about her private life, her weight loss or her reality TV shows. On this Instagram post that the writing of melty invites you to discover without further delay below, Sarah Fraisou is lynched by Internet users in the comments …

In the comments, Internet users let go following the behavior of Sarah Fraisou facing Mélanight and Romain in The battle of couples 3: “You are serious bad and you deserve what happens to you”, “You say you want Melanie’s happiness when her boyfriend takes extremely good care of her, and today they are still together? While you don’t even calculate your boyfriend, it’s your doggie limit “,” Pff the wicked one I really would not like to have a friend like you it is you who criticizes everything in the meantime you do not see your life “... Others also laugh at his Photoshop retouching! Also find out here if Sarah Fraisou and Mélanight have reconciled since The Battle of the Couples 3.

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